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  1. gamertag: xsuper5 Add me for Customs always looking to play! Region: US of A/Europe
  2. I really hope halo 5 can take off and really bring back the community. makes me want that so bad after watching that video again!
  3. Is it just me or the updates they did to the current ranks (H2a playlist) are still not working?
  4. Looking to play a few games with community members, Gold nova 2 add me Steam Id: ukiller
  5. OP please make sure you make a video of H!/2/3 to really show its not possible to run away like you did from that amazing yet ridiculous video you created. well done sir
  6. Just so tiny the thing is all the problems your finding and other people find will eventually be sorted. players will find ways to exploit and break the game and but will eventually get fixed. probably longer than expected though the way 343 go about fixing something.
  7. I reckon if you tweet @halo [email protected]@Bravo they would come back with a response of why they choose to do it like this oddly enough?
  8. Gamertag: xSuper Customs/MM: Both Region: Us Add me guys always looking to play customs!
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