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  1. Making a good Halo game would be really easy
  2. every word you typed was worse than the last
  3. the corkscrew gravity cannon is a utility starting weapon that
  4. Projectiles are the biggest no-brainer mechanic for the life and fun of a shooter there is, and yet
  5. Recoil is a fine skill for militaristic games if it's perfectly predictable, and it never is. Tons of ideas are fine in principle, but end up poorly executed *ahem* equipment
  6. It really could work. All the parts are there, thematically and otherwise.
  7. The single hardest quandry to solve in a H5 map is balancing the movement speed and the pistol range in a way that doesn't end in players endlessly cycling through their abilities to escape without ever being properly punished. Which, by the way, *ahem* is the problem with almost every forge map out there. Some just make H3 maps, and they suck, some upscale maps, and they suck, and some have come up with more clever ways to mend that steaming pile of combat garbage. I didn't invent them, but I've used them, and coming from one who's dealt with it for 5 years now, that post is laughable.
  8. Set in the jungles of guardian, the ring/zone deterrent would be the original concept for guardians, and players can see first ring at the start of the match to avoid getting screwed by rng, and allow intentional risk when it comes to dropping far away Need slow projectiles, health system like reach, drop in via drop pod with a magnum and 2 grenades (not the sidekick). Fixed weapon/vehicle spawns. A well designed map. Instead of making bloated encounters, you create encounters normally, then stack them together like cells creating an organ, and organs the body, which is the map. No more of these huge fields and rolling hills nonsense. The biggest thing would be the level design, and that just takes talented individuals. It never really comes up when discussing BR's, but it's easily the single most important piece of the puzzle
  9. I can appreciate a more positive outlook, but not for its own sake. If I really don't enjoy Halos current direction, I don't want to deny my own reasoning and conscience and force myself to turn my brain off to enjoy it. I think we could all do with less posting - and less arguing - but I don't necessarily think it's noble to force oneself to be positive in regards to things that are objective negatives to your experience.
  10. make me halo guy, but he's red and depressed and drinking coffee
  11. Generic, then a marty theme show up
  12. I feel bad for content creators, because there's always those who will focus on tone, or delivery, or how fast they talk, or the background footage, or... well anything other than the actual content. Oh, and i can't forget my personal favorite, "I've only watched part of this, but here's why it's bad"
  13. Please, don't list off split screen as some sort of amazing technical advancement when the game launched with it 19 years ago. Oh, and there's plenty of open world game that look great, some years old by now
  14. Remove sprint and a grapple and you still have redundant and boring weapons (so far), clamber, slide, and bloom. I don't think "at its core" it's anything like classic Halo And we're fooling oursleves if we think this won't all be in multiplayer

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