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  1. Hey guys, back from counseling The lady said I couldn't be helped
  2. Good game I think CE is literally packed with flaws and systems I would remove or rework if I had the chance, but I still like to think of the game as a good place to start. I think Its 'soul' points in the right direction
  3. The tl/dr was meant to be playfully facetious
  4. "Good design can't be expressed as a mathematical proof OR as a repeatable, falsifiable theory" Generally speaking, it seems that everyone will at one point or another go boldly forth unto the world, shouting this assertion from the rooftops and in the faces of any who would question it until they are red in the face. They say that all experience is subjective. Design is not a science, and is only another word for and art. Objective truth does exists, but of course 'only in mathematics and science'. Therein lies the trouble. First of all, the very suggestion that Objective truth does exist, but only in mathematics, as if math doesn't form the foundations of reality to the perforation of all other things, only serves to demonstrate your ignorance on the subject and how it relates to art or design. The statistically derived 'golden ratio' comes to mind. More than this, for a person to be qualified enough to claim something so bold, it would suggest that they know enough about the intrinsic nature of both design and mathematics to simultaneously know beyond any doubt that those natures aren't verifiable. When I read something like that, I can assume one of two things. First, I could assume that you understand design theory (which is basically psychology) and its relation to objective truth to a degree that allows you to definitively and precisely point out both where that objective truth lies, or doesn't, without any apprehension. Second, I could assume that you just haven't thought about it. I could consider the fact that you haven't designed a single map, game, character, level, or story (that I know of) and that you, along with most everyone else, have defaulted to the comfortable ignorance of complete and unfaltering belief in something that you likely don't understand, all while fervently denying any possibility of an alternative. If you're reading this, you can probably tell which I assume, and you probably think I'm pretentious for it. Bear with me. On the contrary, I would say that the most arrogant thing anyone could claim would be an absolute denial of standard, or that your own personal experiences are just as important as any standard. To claim that there is no intrinsic hierarchy of value within the human spirit, and that there isn't a striking degree of psychological similarity on the subconscious level of all humans, and that good design is therefore unpredictable, is not only foolishly wrong, but extremely self-serving. I know this, because I've lived it. It's incredibly easy, especially as a designer, to subscribe in this way. Oh how I could repent of my past repentance, if nothing I did, or made, or said was falsifiable. If the metric for 'good design' becomes whatever I make it, then I can always feel assured that my creations do not energize in vain. If my own goals are the only goals that matter, then I'm always a winner. It should be apparent at this point that I no longer personally live by those ideas. Although, come to think of it, I never did truly 'live' by them, but used them only to comfort myself psychologically. With that being said, I can tell anyone reading this that while the adoption, or even consideration, of principled design theory roasted my ego alive, it made me a much, much better designer than I would have ever been otherwise. I went from making what was essentially the same map repeatedly for years, to improving markedly. Eventually, after a thousand and 1 horrid Reach maps, I would make a not-so-terrible Halo 4 map, then another, and so on. I would learn from my mistakes, aggregate the trends of my mistakes into the early formations of a design theory, and eventually create an entire set of principals that were not only verifiable, but consistent with what my peers were simultaneously discovering, and have now used to surpass me and break into the industry as professionals. Now, my creations have been featured in Matchmaking or tournament play on several occasions, I have won several contests, and feel that it is finally my time to join my friends in the industry. Weird flex, but okay? That's the thing. I don't feel remarkable, or that my successes validate any arguments. Maybe that list of 'performance' is off-putting, but I urge anyone reading this to look at it from a different perspective. I'm generally incompetent, or at least that's how I choose to view myself. When you choose to believe in the truth of behavioral psychology, or even a truth that runs deeper, your flaws are revealed. The useless parts of you are burned away in the light, and it can really sting. I do not define what is good or bad, I only do my best to interpret what works and what doesn't. I do not define the merits of satisfactory design, I simply attempt to understand them. That's my experience thus far. While I'm miles from writing a detailed and convincing thesis on objective truth, I'll continue to wield it to my benefit, and continue to occasionally help others wield the same potential whenever I can, as my peers have done for me. TL/DR; Movement is random, Projectiles are icky, and that's subjective Xandirt out
  5. I don't understand what you mean, but I was completely kidding. I don't actually care how about how good I am compared to anyone else here. Honestly beast is probably better at halo 5 than me. It's easy to spot the sweaties
  6. Says the guy, who in his reply, is deflecting instead of addressing the point.
  7. Fundamentally it is exactly the same. Why does Ninja dome people left and right in Fortnite with the sniper if these calculations JuSt ArEnT HaPPeNinG Maybe just speak for yourself when making claims from now on.
  8. I can somehow hear the piercing nasality of your diamond 3 peon voice through this reply
  9. it's like this diamond 3 peon thinks he's good or something
  10. listen here mY NaMeZ BeASt xdddd you suck at halo next

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