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  1. If you have something to say just say it idea man the covenant cyclone spinner is a semi-utility armor ability that
  2. Made another. This one isn't about forge or anything, just Halo.
  3. I've never seen someone get disliked so much just to keep going. Respect brother.
  4. Hey guys, thought about posting this in the Halo 5 thread but it honestly seems better here. It's a retrospective of the past 5 years of Halo 5 from my point of view as a forger. Covers all sorts of stuff, and a lot about maps. I had fun making it. Hope you guys enjoy.
  5. The marauder has a hitscan shield lmao
  6. Well I don't base what is good/smart on what bungie does. They've done a lot that I wouldn't, including remakes like blackout.
  7. It's funny to think that Mercy was a remake of a Forerunner map. Just goes to show how generic the shapes really are, that it was changed to a sangheili theme. Either that - or the artstyles themselves are that generic. Or both... yeah it's both.
  8. Well, as time goes on. I've started to recognize the garbage elements of every Halo game, and have realized that it was just as much the tone/story/art as the sandbox that made it such an impactful game. If Halo 5 were written like Halo 2 I would probably love it, because both games are kinda trash to play tbh Marty and Joe back at it would be the two most sure-fire ways to improve the game dramatically, and then all you need is a designer who doesn't put bloom in and there you go it's halo again baby
  9. Oh, okay, well those are newer specs than you listed because the 1070 didn't come out until 2016
  10. Well that's not really a metric. You can play max settings on any system, but I highly doubt you're getting 60 fps with that system, in fact I can pretty much say for sure that you don't based on what you said here about the time period and money Also gamepass is an incredible value, kind of insane if you play multiple games and consider the new games that will come out for it
  11. I agree, a PC is a good investment, but it's not like there's no downside, or no upside to a console.
  12. Mediocre? That's just not true. They sell at a loss BECAUSE the specs are good, for the sake of the platform. The new specs are legit, and if it's around $500 new it's literally hundreds less than the parts would be worth if you built a pc to match. Tech youtubers have done it, and it takes around a thousand dollars to recreate. That, and way more work.
  13. Actually, no. Companies take huge losses on consoles to sell them at a reasonable price. It's an investment in the future for the sake of building a platform from which they can make their money back and much more. On the other hand, custom pc builders need to make a profit on every sale, because they won't make any money off the build once it's in the wild.
  14. Building and booting a pc is wayyyyyy more involved than buying an xbox and bringing it home. It really is two completely different experiences. It's not about load times, it's about plugging in a literal box and playing a game 5 minutes later, while being portable. The only thing that comes close would be a mini-itx pc and that's really not a great idea for a new builder, while at the same time, is still much more delicate than an xbox to move around (while being more expensive) And pre-builts are complete ripoffs, so you're still getting a low end pc if you want to pay less than a grand to skip the process of building a pc. And, windows 10 being easier to use than an xbox? I basically disagree with all of this. None one of this is as simple as you've made it sound to be honest
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