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  1. Balance is usually interpreted as equity in weapon use/effectiveness. With that definition, Destiny is “balanced” because everything is ridiculous lol Balance, I think, is inherent to a weapon/mechanic, and the effect on the rest of the sandbox is important, but secondary. As long as a weapon is properly difficult for its potential effectiveness, you’ve achieved an inherent balance. If it’s crazy good, it’s crazy challenging. Then, you take the rest of the game into account. Things like diversity, overarching balance, etc. That being said, designers don’t think linearly like that. We usually tackle all problems at once and form the idea like a piece of clay, until each part is properly aligned with the rest. Because of that, you’ll often find them saying things that they themselves don’t even agree with, that is, until you talk through it and put things in order.
  2. you've inspired me to enjoy it a second time
  3. If anyone is still interested in core H5 2v2 forge maps, I just released one for a competition. There's a video and everything. https://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/forums/topic/295-uncomfortable-silence/
  4. Reloading in shooters reminds me of bloom. Like, yeah, I like it when a game rewards patience, but forcing players to pace shots via bloom is a terrible way to go about rewarding patience, especially considering the RNG involved. I think you can parse through the effect of reloading in a similar way. Sure, it's 'good' to limit rocket launcher shots via reloading, but couldn't we go about balancing a weapon in a more inherent way? How about the weapon just always sports integrity, instead of bouts of bullshit interrupted by reloading to kinda balance the weapon in a wholistic way. Reloading also creates a momentary lapse of action, so that players can bait shots and push when the enemy is busy putting their weapon back together, but again I ask, aren't there other ways, more integral ways, to allow for players to push? How about a strong strafe, and projectile-based weapons? How about well spaced maps? (which sprint doesn't allow for) How about power weapons that don't aim themselves? Just a thought.
  5. A couple weeks ago I went back to find this thread when MCC had launched. It's a good laugh if anyone is interested. Around page 900.
  6. I don't see the utility in calling anyone arrogant. It's not like the people here haven't made their arguments (key word arguments) known. I have yet to see the active members here justify any claims with an assertion to be superior intellectual beings when compared to developers. Ironically, haven't we seen developers use that argument against us? "we know better" and so on? At the end of the day, Halo has the most in-depth, and what I believe to be the smartest community of people who play any game. Whether or not you'll take it that far, you have to confess that many are still dedicated to seeing this game back on top after 9 years of being ignored and told what we like. And at the very least, members like Lemon make it abundantly clear why he thinks what he thinks. In the case of 343i, I couldn't think of a better possible situation to pick up a game at. They had 10 years of Halo games to learn what works and what doesn't. Halo games with plenty of competition in the market that still dominated. Halo games with some of the most subtly brilliant user interface attributes any game has ever seen ever. Halo games with the best soundtracks and themes ever written by any musician. Halo games with the most brilliantly innovative features, game-types, and modes. Halo games with some of the most mature, well thought out and memorable dialogue in any story we've seen. Halo games with uber characteristic environments, naming conventions, and insane artistic prowess. Hell, they even had Reach to learn from. Not only did they Have 7 years of Halo to learn what to do, they were handed an investigators dream, a much less effective Halo title that one could learn what not to do from in contrast. And what did we get instead? A half baked Call of Duty clone. Master-itstilldoesn'twork-collection. Spacey shooter 5. We got a trend chasing company who had not a clue what they held onto, and still don't. We got seeker. We got the incineration cannon. We got flagnum. We got Coliseum. We got Warzone. I could go on. There isn't an excuse under the sun that could justify a Halo game with these features and the rest. But, despite how stacked their hand was, despite the glossary of Bungie's work to learn from, despite how willing and ready the community always is to help, we're here having the same old arguments, with those who feel the day on their face but still deny the suns existence. And 343 is probably in their post-lunch testing session to see if they can squeeze in mounting from Modern Warfare into Infinite.
  7. I was thinking a mega powerup, like all the powerups combined in one, except it's only spawns once out of every 10 matches and takes a 30 second animation to grab
  8. Hello do I know you https://westinkoessel.wixsite.com/portfolio
  9. okay i'm going to stop talking to you now

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