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  1. ANYONE wanting to form a team? Walnutport, PA. 1.5 hours from philly, 20minutes from Allentown.
  2. Plat player LF team or players to play around with, grind some arena mess around in silly game modes etc. .Nothing works right off the start, so looking to move around see whats out there!Thanks for reading! GT: UnknwnSub5tance
  3. Hey everyone, I'm coming back to the competitive scene and am looking for other players to join with and play around. Hopefully turning into something great down the road eventually. Im on various days due to work, and will be on late at night, if im on during the day its just casual play. Im strong with my call outs, so basically i never shut up haha. Please HMU to play. It'll be great to hear from you guys.Thanks for reading! GT: UnknwnSub5tance
  4. Looking for ppl to play with and maybe form a team GT: UnknwnSub5tance
  5. Title says it all. Looking for 1. Know most call outs, dont have to be a perfect player but know who to shoot. :P No lan/event EXP required. Right now were in the process of building chemistry together but still do your best. We will not judge a book by its cover. East Coast/Central preferred. We are trying out people/scrimming until Gamebattles Spring season starts so we have plenty of time to see you in action, and get to know you. HMU on XBL: UnknwnSub5tance.
  6. UnknwnSub5tance Allentown Would like to play for or form a team to lan with. HMU
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