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  1. Congrats, guys. I've been signed up since day one. I was way more into the streams and halo in general back then. I definitely remember the hype train in streams and stuff before the site went public. Still my go-to for all my Halo news and updates, but the forums are just a cess-pool for negativity and people in denial, so need to visit that part of the site.
  2. That's the problem right there. It doesn't matter that you stop watching the stream, or anyone on this site. Like it or not, the casual crowd and fans of other games are what gives the streams massive numbers. That's why 343 has made the changes necessary to try and compete with Activision. It's as simple as that. The crowds that play halo this day and age are a lot different than the crowds that played back in the heyday of 2003-2009. I really don't get why everyone is still so up in arms about the halo changes. It was fairly clear what their "vision" of halo was from way back in 2012. Why this dead horse is still being beaten in 2016 is beyond me. I would think most people would have something better to do, by now. I don't agree with them, either, but I've learned to adapt and still play halo. Regardless of changes still better than any other games that I've tried and keeps me in contact with my brother that lives hours away.
  3. I remember when halo 5 came out people with time warner cable were having issues with the severs. I guess it was one of those situations, if it's not happening to you, you don't pay much attention to it. Well, in about a month I'm moving and get twc internet. Are there still any issues going on? Or have they already been resolved?
  4. So, can any team changes happen before the Championship? EG has to make a change, because if they don't they're going to be playing for 2nd like everyone else. That said, specifically, what if a player literally gets injured or whatever, is the team allowed a sub? Who could you plug into the EG roster that would actually get them to the level of CLG?
  5. Yeah, but when does it become a waste of time? Especially, the sprint argument. There has to come a time when enough is enough. Either you're going to adapt to 343's vision for Halo and live with it, or not. It's not that hard of a concept. There's literally nothing no one on this site can do to convince them. Just look at their sales. Even if the daily players is low, that's not going to matter, they already have everyone's money. What's the point anymore? The way I approached Halo 5 was open-minded, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. No need to keep living in Denial and wanting something to change. I can accept this version of Halo, and be happy with it, because all things considered it's still a better game, IMO, than any of the other shooters out there. And it's MILES better than Halo 4 or Reach, at least.
  6. I kind of feel like a hypocrite, just because I said I wouldn't, but of course at the last moment with encouragement from my brother , I preordered and downloaded hours before release. That said, it was a very good decision. It's not perfect, but it's the best since Halo 3, easily, IMO. I like the maps, they've grown on me, while a few have really stood out as fun to play. I could care less about the new spartan abilities. I have literally ground pounded or charged a grand total of zero times. I don't need to, to win, so really they are inconsequential to me. Sprint is sprint, I don't think it should be in the game, but it's ok, at least it's manageable. Plus, no need to waste time on something that was going to be in the game from the start. The rankings are from reading a bit wanky, from what I've read, but they do give you something to play for. I feel the excitement and anxiety of winning and losing like I did in the Halo 3 days. That feeling can't be replicated, it's like a drug. My playtime is obviously cut down because of work and spending time at my gf's or my gf staying the night here most nights, but all my free time so to speak has been spent playing Halo 5, and I can't say that's a bad thing.
  7. All I have to say on this is thank god I didn't pre order this, I cannot even stand to watch it. I guess I'll see where we're at in 6 months, that's the usual waiting period for 343 to apologize profusely, and then change a bunch of stuff. I will say, after the million dollar tournament, this game is going to drop faster than a brick in water, regardless of changes. Been saying it for years, I hope it's true for Halo 6, sell it on "back to the basics" and you have winner, this[Halo 5] not so much.
  8. I never played Black Ops 2, no interest. I've only ever played Ghosts and AW, and that's a very small sample size. I'd rather have my eyes bleed playing Halo 4 all day that any CoD - in any circumstance. Just saying, the biggest gripe I have with COD is the jumping and the clunky movements, feels closer to Halo with the exo jump ability. I've actually had some enjoyable games playing AW, same can't be said for Ghosts. I do realize Ghosts is very hated by the CoD community, too. I could also careless about the CoD community, and what they think. Sure, it may not be best to go by this, but my cousin is a CoD fiend, and a few of his friends stopped by my house, and I was playing Reach v7 or Halo 3, can't remember which. They basically complained the whole time about not being able to choose their own weapons and not being able to 'run'....that's all I need to know, and it's why H4 and H5 is the way it is. I blame the CoD kids for Halo's downfall, you better believe it. I can't remember which member of 343 said it, but they are spot on in saying gamer's expect to be able to sprint, and all that BS, it's true. It is why my clan tag on MCC is and will always be 'No Sprint in H5'. I went a little off-topic there, sorry. You get my drift though.
  9. I could careless about CoD, but I literally came to the forum to say just this. Seems funny to me. That exo stuff is probably here to stay, though. At least IMO, that makes CoD at least playable.
  10. I like these interviews you have been doing. And since @@Snip3down has been my favorite Halo player for years now, really looking forward to this when I get home tonight.
  11. Well, if 343 & Microsoft have proven anything- it's that they have a helluva marketing team. They know how to get us all hyped to the moon, and then shatter all our hopes for Halo in 10 seconds flat with Halo 4 and MCC. I refuse to buy-in this time around at launch. I'll be lurking these forums before I buy anything, that's for sure. All the Sprint and "Abilities" debate is just a waste of time, I just want one fucking classic Halo playlist. I don't care that it's on a H5 engine, just give me a damn playlist that doesn't have all the bells and whistles they keep adding in, with decent ranks and maps. Sledgehammer did it for COD fans after they added the exo stuff, come on 343 just one playlist. It literally can't be that hard. About the launch date: If 343/Microsoft had any confidence in the Halo nameplate and their own game-making skills, they would release this in September to build up a dedicated player base before the next COD launches. I don't care how good the game will be, going up against COD in November is just a losing effort when it comes to the player counts. You're going to have the hardcore Halo fans around 30k? But, that's it. On the other side of the coin, if they fuck up another launch, they all might as well update their resumes, Microsoft will need to make some company-wide changes at 343.
  12. I agree with what you're saying, but it's all a moot point. The writing has been on the wall for years now. Sprint and all the other crap along with it is here to stay, and that's just how it is until or if a new developer takes over Halo. So much time has been wasted debating Sprint and all this, when really it all boils down to COD's popularity. They're obviously trying to bridge the gap between the two, and make it more accessible for the teen gamer who has basically grown up on COD. It sucks for us older Halo fans, but it's how it is, life goes on. After all, a lot of the older gamer's who grew up on Halo 1, 2, and 3 are grown and have jobs and can't play a whole lot. It makes sense for them to try and get a new generation to love 'Halo'. I think the best we can hope for is a classic vanilla-Halo playlist in Halo 5. I personally think all of our energy should be put into that. As far as any tournament scene, it obviously wouldn't be happening with this playlist. But, at least we could have a decent playlist to play and not have to force ourselves through that crap they call Halo 5. We would already have enough of that watching it played competitively. There's no way even if all of us on this site and multiple other sites banned together, we still wouldn't put a dent in the overall sales of the game. So the best we can hope for, is at least something for us.
  13. These are really my thoughts when someone try's to bring up the skill gap argument. My K/D has basically been the same 1.3-1.4 across all the Halo's with it being a touch higher in Halo 3 and trending downward. The same few players won at Halo 4 as they did before it.
  14. Well, I preface this by saying, I don't care for Sprint, but I don't absolutely hate it either. I don't feel it's as game breaking as some put it, but it needs to be limited. I'm only speaking from my POV and Halo playing preference, so I'm sure it won't reflect a majority opinion on anything. After playing Halo 4 for a couple of years, and even with MCC problems, playing with no sprint just feels so much better, and I, of course, like it more with no sprint. But, I think the main problems, as far as population drops and such, lie with no in-game ranks and map selection. When I switch my Xbox from my monitor to my TV for split screen in Halo 4, you literally could only play a handful of maps without the frame rate issues and nearly all the big maps just felt laggy. It got boring quick, especially when Haven was the only good map out of the bunch, but that gets old quick, it's sad when you pray to play Abandon. Same with Reach, I only liked Countdown, and the rest were shit. I never played Halo 2 online during its heyday, but Halo 3's slayer rotation was a lot better, and it didn't feel like it was getting old, you nearly always had a new map to play on. Maps are only part of it, I primarily play H2A even with limited map selection, because of ranks. Now, ranks, to me, the biggest issue. I only like to play ranked playlists, because without a rank, it just feels empty. That's why, even though H1 and H2C feel so much better than H2A, I still primarily only play that because it's ranked right now. It gives me something to shoot for. It promotes repeat play, and coming back to "get your 50". Even with Reach, the settings and maps sucked, but I still primarily played arena, because it was a league based ranking system, no matter how bad it was instituted. I liked getting my Onyx badge, although it wasn't really too hard to accomplish even with someone with average skill, like myself. Now back to sprint and all the other crap like custom loadouts that 343 & Bungie obviously brought over from COD, and it's the same argument with the ADS in Halo 5(which I will play the beta) but I will not buy it under any circumstance, because I'm not playing Halo with a smart scope, ADS whatever you want to call it, I'll stick with MCC. If it's toggle-able to the real Halo scope, I may consider it. Either way, a 343 employee(I believe) posted on here not too long ago, and he was very right on a couple of things. Mainly, the expectation of Sprint and other crap being included in the game. I've only known Halo starting in FPS games besides the Goldeneye days in N64, but as far as online it's been Halo. So, like many of you, I don't care for sprint and all the other crap that's added. BUT, we're not the majority anymore, and for 343 to really make a dent in the COD population, they have to make it like it. Kids these days grew up on COD, and ARE expecting to be able to 'run' and choose their own weapon. I know this from personal experience. My cousin and his friends came by to try out MCC, and several of them kept asking me "How come I can't run" "How come I can't change my class" " How come I can't customize". For Halo's population to survive, it needs that 'casual' crowd that are expected all this other crap to be included, whether it says Halo on the box or not, they don't care, but they have an expectation. 343 knows, they have all the die-hards, whether we like the game or not is of no consequence, we're going to buy the game, and if we don't like it, we will just complain and hope the next one will be the one to 'save' us. So, I can understand why they included sprint and all the other BS in the first place. It's purely business, not because the don't get it. Doesn't mean I like it either, just that I understand why, and basically expect it to be in all future Halo's. So Sprint, for better or worse, might as well be taken off the table, it's basically a non-argument, because no matter how much hell we raise, they're going to do what they want to do, and Sprint is here to stay.
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