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  1. Bump..any others interested partial teams and f/a's speak up..
  2. Hmu if you need a serious player..im thinkin halo 24/7 basicly..my gf hates me for it
  3. Thats funny my 2v2 team is called finesse..hmu iv been looking for a org with good players behind them..im available to run at this moment hmu..GT:TO UnFaZZeDD
  4. Ahah forsure bro i was 16 or 17 too for 09 but i convinced em cuz our team had a sponser so it validated my claims enough luckly. But im going to catch some zzs for a bit and ill be on.
  5. Hey guys, iv been thinking to myself for the last few weeks missing cup after cup, because i have a "standard expectation" of the team im on. I wont let myself go into a tournament i dont have GREAT confidence in. I suppose its just from past experience placing high and knows what it generally takes to tango with the high ranks. I have trouble for fear of losing outside anything less than being within...say, 2 rounds of top 16minimum so that way i know we have something. I never speak my mind like this nor type a whole story out, so i suppose im becoming a bit desperate. Anywho, ill give a quick summary of most recent placements/acheviments: Top 48 09 Meadows H3 (over 250 teams attended) HCS H2A last Dec: lost to CLG for top 16 playing under the HM Movement(we lanned as a team in Tracy, CA + many lans and local tournaments Also slapped a few ex pro squads around on MM like goodwill's team with idoug ownage etc and also the SUDDS. Although iv been inactive for a while and im mostly back in the dark with little of my friends lidt surviving the retirement of reach and h4, i definatly have the skill,drive and determination to possibly break top 16 with the right people. Schedule: i work for myself so my make my own hours.. as for the rest of the year im working 9pm to 5am PST monday-thurs and fridays and weekends are much more flexible. I hardly miss a day of halo and like to put in at least 6hours minimum a day. I havent used forums for quite a while because quality players have been a issue fishing on the web. Anyways if you think my schedule is doable and would like to test me out, throw me a msg. GT:TO UnFaZZeDD.. Also beginning my part-time stream grind as well so throw me a follow maybe. Twitch.tv/h3unfazzedd This will probably be the only time i put out a post this in-depth and serious, im at work as i type now. Im on the grind all the time. Are you?
  6. UnFaZZeDD


    Bay Areaaaaaaa
  7. Hmu if your looking for all of those qualities and more..been posting too much so trying to keep it short..since ppl like to post thier rankings ill say im in champs n oynx everything else but got plenty tourney exp going back to h3 n losing to CLG last thing i did (h2A) hmu or pass me up..about done with these fourms -To UnFaZZeDD
  8. Hit me maybe we can get into something in the future..plently of tourney exp n old T32 placings -TO UnFaZZeDD
  9. Hmu i have plently tourney exp ex top 32 etc.looking to knockout known teams.losing to CLG last time i competed hmu. -TO UnFaZZeDD
  10. Id probly be interested in the pro team..let me know when your trying to get it together, i have recent and old semi placing thru h3 to h2a
  11. Gt:To UnFaZZeDD 1reason to not pass me up with writing a paragraph...im onyx in everything and already know trick jumps some pros may not even know as of yet..
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