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  1. You made a lot of valid points, I agree with pretty much all you said. When I said potential I mean if everything falls into place and they grind/click. I personally think Ninja deserves better. I'm not too fond with him teaming with Naded but we will see though. In my opinion if things do click between them I can see them taking a series from C9 or E6. Hard to tell about NV since we haven't got to see them play.
  2. Really not sure how to feel about this potential EG squad. At times they flashed a lot of chemistry but for the most part it seemed off. I believe if they grind they can be a top 4 team for sure though. It's odd seeing Ninja playing with the twins though, never would I've thought they'd team. I'm expecting them to not click right away though since they've hardly played together to my knowledge. This season should be interesting.
  3. If I'm the twins I'm definitely favoring Contra and Devon. I think that team will be scary at a live event. I really like Penguin and Naded but I don't think I'd trust Naded with his history of tilting.
  4. Yeah you can tell he bit his tongue a few times. If the team is gonna work they will have to have attitudes like they did tonight.
  5. They didn't seem to tilt all scrim. Just constructive talks after each game. A lot of the games were really close. Good series overall.
  6. Ninja definitely has consistency issues but if you think about most teams and players in H5 excluding CLG have had the same problem. top 2-7 are so close.
  7. You're crazy if you think there's no blind Ninja hate. There's always gonna be blind hate for certain players.
  8. Not sure how people can say C9 choked when nobody thought they'd come remotely close to winning against the best team in the world. No team can put up with a Snakebite playing that insane. I'm just happy we had a great series and exciting event so far.
  9. Everyone should pay attention to Chosen Legacy and Revan. Insanely good player finally finding a good team. Looking for them to take this Tourney(Latin America) easy. Oh and he didn't die once in the last series.
  10. It looks like along with Lethul, Hysteria and Randa, Ogre 2 has been really solid so far at the game. In my opinion.
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