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  1. Pistol vs Pistol is so fucking fun. Buff the mag size and just get rid of the AR for comp play IMO.
  2. Fishstick seems the best imo. Thrustering and keeping your fingers on the joysticks is priority one IMO. And zooming with LT is nice. Sprint on the left and melee on the right like cod
  3. What controller settings is everyone using? Fishstick seems good
  4. Nooo man not at all. I just don't like automatically being at a disadvantage at range against a semi common weapon. I would love if it was pistol starts with no BRs on the map.
  5. Guys, I really am confused. I feel like the pistol is about 5x harder to use than the the br and only kills about 10% faster. 500% harder and you only gain 10%. That's a ratio that I wouldn't go with lol. If the pistol was 5x harder but killed 5x faster, that's a ratio that makes sense too me. The BR has a lot higher aim assist and bullet magnetism, has potential to kill more enemies wit a single clip, and is generally better in every area except TTK, and it doesn't lose that category by much. Idk, maybe I'm in the wrong crowd, but having two or more utility weapons really changes the meta of Halo to me.
  6. Dude really? The pistol is sooo much harder to use and it's time to kill really isn't all that better. Once you get past medium range it's no comparison whatsoever. I would LOVE if the pistol was the only utility weapon on the map however. But spawning wit a pistol against someone with a BR, you are automatically at a disadvantage at range.
  7. I just don't like being at a significant disadvantage off spawn against a BR at range. The BR absolutely shits on the pistol at range.
  8. Why does 343 have this "sustain" plan when Black Ops 3 and Fallout 4 release in like a month? It's kind of scary that 343 makes pretty much 99% of their money at launch. They literally have zero incentive to make Halo 5 last awhile.
  9. Thanks for your input, Vin. I'll be sure to add "lol" to my discussions on the Halo 5 maps in the future!
  10. Any area of any map can be a power area if you make a power weapon spawn there. I wasn't talking about that. I was more talking about natural power areas that are power areas because they overlook the whole map and are hard to reach quickly and are being fought over because they determine the outcome of the game regardless of power weapons. I don't see any of that in Halo 5 simply because they aren't there, and if they were there, escaping is way to fucking easy.
  11. Sorry, did this all on mobile, points got lost fast. I'll edit
  12. [*] Halo 2 Sanctuary Nice wide open spaces with distinguishable bases, 1 ramp on both sides, a clear cut middle area, and a distinct difference between high ground a low ground. [*] Halo 5 Coliseum Generally confusing as fuck to look at. No distinguishable bases, no clear cut routes, no distinction between high and low ground, too many ramps and tunnels and overhangs. Too many layers of high ground and low ground. Everything is jagged and rough, no smooth objects, no real transition between areas [*] Halo 3 The Pit Simple colors that pop. Can distinguish ANYTHING FROM ANYWHERE ON THE MAP. Clear cut middle area of the map. Only one closed room. Nice wide open areas. Distinct difference between high and low ground. Easy and simple 2 layers of the map, with a 3rd higher layer being added at the sniper towers. Nice snipe lines. [*] Halo 5 Eden All the same exact color. Hard to distinguish areas and what's what. 4 or 5 different layers of ground which is just too much IMO. No clear cut middle of the map or areas that you should control. Enclosed rooms EVERYWHERE. Not enough open space and too much enclosed space. If you go out in the open and get shot, just thrust behind one of the 100s of different objects. No more "no turning back" areas that are high risk high reward. So many different areas and layers and rooms you just have no fucking idea where people are going to be. This leads to randomness versus "Rock paper scissor" strategy that made Halo great. [*] Halo 3 gaurdian When maps used to have actual atmospheres and character. Fog in the right place rather than being there for no reason. Birds flying around. Clear cut middle area. 3 easy and distinguishable bases. 2 distinct layers of high ground and low ground, with a small sniper tower added in one part of the map as a 3rd layer. Sniper tower is a clear cut power area on that map. Doesn't have a 100 different escape routes and options to escape from. High risk vs. high reward. The perfect mix of close and far combat. Simple and easy routes where you could predict where people are going to be and what their next move will be. [*] Halo 5 Plaza Absolutely no contrast in colors. Confusing areas and items. No clear cut routes or sightlines. No power areas. Every area is escapable in seconds with abilities. No open spaces. 4-5 multiple layers with no point. 10 different enclosed rooms, doors, ledges, platforms, and staircases. Watched this map being played 10 times now and I still don't know where the fuck places are and what goes where. Halo used to be so simple you could see a picture of its map and know what you're looking at. Now I have no idea. I get that I will understand over time, but it just shows how much more complex these maps are getting which is a huge negative in my point of view. Complexity for the sake of being complex. [*] Halo 2 Lockout Bland colors just like Halo 5 maps. The one thing wrong with it. But this was on the first xbox, so i can honestly excuse the monotone color where as I make a problen out of it with Halo 5 because its on the third generation xbox over 10 years later. Notice how you can see basically the entire map from wherever you are standing? You knew where your enemies were and they knew where you were. Head to head strategies and 1vs1 combat. Clear cut routes and power areas. Natural fast paced combat rather than forced fast pace combat. Rock paper scissors. Great atmosphere. Distinguishable bases and middle. 2 layers with a 3rd layer being at the snipe tower. Just the right amount of unseen area where you could sneak up on your opponent because you outplayed them rather thsn you sneaking up on your oppenent because they have no possible way of seeing you like the maps from Halo 5. [*] Halo 5 The Rig You are limited to seeing only about 20% of the map at all times. You don't know where your enemies are because there is no possible way to fucking tell. A huge skill factor is taken out of maps like this where you can only see 20% of the god damn map. No bases, maybe 1 distinguishable area if that. No power areas. Enclosed spaces everywhere. Ramps, doors, overhangs, staircases everywhere for no purpose whatsoever. [*] ANALYSIS I did these comparisons to show that biggest part of Halo that is being taken away: the simplicity Yes, I know Bungie made some horrible maps and I didn't include them. But isn't the job of a business to get rid of what didn't work and build on what did? People often say, "well Bungie's maps weren't perfect either"! Yes I know that. But they had a lot of maps that did work. This is Halo 5. 343 had 5 previous halo games to figure out what worked and what didn't in terms of maps. I didn't include truth/regret because it's midship and I am trying more to highlight 343s ability to make maps on their own from scratch. Was going to write a big analysis but it doesn't really matter. Just tried to highlight what worked good from the best maps in the series and what doesn't work from the worst maps of the series. Basically, I have no fucking idea how were going from maps like lockout, Sanctuary, Gaurdian, the pit, narrows, warlord, and construct, to maps like Eden, empire, the rig, plaza, and fathom. I would atleast except maps to be on par, if not better than that of past Halos. There are 10 arena maps launching with Halo 5, and 5 of them are cityscape maps that all share problems with each other. Eden, Empire, The Rig, Plaza, and Fathom. 50% OF THE VANILLA MAPS ARE CITY MAPS. They literally have ZERO qualities from the most sucessful maps of all time. No clear routes, no bases, no power areas, no clear cut middle of the map, too many objects, 100 ledges, doors, ramps, ledges, overhangs, no simple layers, and too many escape routes due to there being 5 or 6 enclosed rooms on every city map. These are problems WITHOUT abilities. When you throw sprint and thruster and all of that in, it's just pure chaos. Random chaos with no real point. 50% guys. Half of the maps. And 2 more are basic forge maps. And 2 more being remixes. Edit: when I say power areas, I'm not talking about weapons that are power areas simply because power weapons spawn there. Any area of any map can be a power area if you make a power weapon spawn there. I was more talking about natural power areas that are power areas because they overlook the whole map and are hard to reach quickly and are being fought over because they determine the outcome of the game regardless of power weapons. I don't see any of that in Halo 5 simply because they aren't there, and if they were there, escaping is way to fucking easy.
  13. Here's how the pros felt about Halo 4 before launch if you haven't seen it. https://youtu.be/SJyh7NIk4Pg
  14. There are only 5 traditional 4vs4 maps in team arena.
  15. Teams of 4s should only match teams of 4s...period. If there isn't another team of 4s, then you shouldn't be able to play. If you want ranks to have integrity and mean something, that's the only way it should be. I'm fine with teams of 3 match two teams of 2 and two teams of 2 matching 4 solo players, but when you have a team of 4 all using mics, they need to match only teams of 4s since it's such a huge advantage playing as a team of 4 versus any thing else.
  16. The announcer announces every medal except multikill medals? -_-
  17. Yeah obviously man. Put as a traditional 4vs4 player, playing 2 objective gametypes and slayer on 5 maps for 2 months is going to get stale. Just wondering what you would be doing in game?
  18. Not everyone preorders every game from 343 and watches every little piece of content right when it comes out like you do, Moa Simply telling me what I said was wrong and pointing me in the right direction so I could self admit I was wrong would have been better than being a douche about it. Thanks for the info.
  19. He basically works for 343 and their events. If he had a bad opinion he wouldn't say it.
  20. What exactly are you going to do for let's say, 2 months?
  21. "343 is holding back content to make sure it works and to not release a broken game! That's what you wanted right? Stop acting like we can have both" #JustConsoleAAAThings I don't think the people that solely play Halo realize that there are companies that release working games with tons of content lol.
  22. When people say 343 is taking away iconic things, they usually mean the shield recharge sound, the announcer saying double kill and triple kill etc, the missing playlists like snipers and doubles, viewing post game medals, being able to see ranks pregame, recording in forge, the BR sound, the weapon designs, spawn timer sound, vehicle sounds, etc. When you take just one of those away, it's not a big deal, but when you take all of them away it starts to add up. And once again a reddit hipster that likes to go against the grain and is superior to OP replies and tries to get that karma.
  23. Yeah the guns are still pretty simple, but the "gun meta" has definitely got more complex than past Halos. Pair that with more map complexity and complex abilities, it's gotten to be a little too much for me. BRs on sanctuary for example. 2 bases on each side and one "base" in the middle of the map. A sniper on each side. Rockets right in the middle. Such a simple map and formula but it was so fucking fun to me. One game the battles from base to base and it's a stale mate. The next game it's a chaotic game fighting for the middle. Next game it's a spread out BR fest. Next game it's all of the above. Every time you played the simple maps it was different. In Halo 5, the gameplay seems so linear to me. The city maps make up almost half the maps at release. No clear bases, no distinguishable middle, no sniper vs sniper battle. You just run around and hope to see a random person not paying attention. There's no power areas on those maps either. Not a single one area that is being fought over. In a weird way, high ground and power areas are almost a disadvantage in Halo 5. People can sprint away and thruster behind cover easier when theyre on the lower ground. And the other maps that have a shred of old Halo in them are not so simple anymore when you account for all the abilities and different guns, etc. This is what I see right now and I know gameplay has developed fully yet. Halo 1, 2, 3, and Reach v7 was a beautiful chess game. Chess is one of the most simple games in the world when you look at how small it is and how few pieces there are. But it takes people 20+ years to master it because the simplicity leads to complex gameplay. Halo 5 just seems like a mix of checkers, chess, Chinese checkers, battleship, and guess who combined into one. Just like chess, you always had to be 20 moves ahead of your oppenents in Halo 1, 2, and 3. It was so simple you could connect the dots on what your opponent might do. Now you have no idea wtf is going to happen and what kind of gun he will have and what kind of ability is he going to use to escape me and which of the 10 items will he run or thrust behind or what ledge he will drop off.
  24. That's the biggest part of Halo's formula that's missing in my opinion. Games like COD and Destiny are just like you said, whoever had the better gun equipped at the right time wins a large majority of the battles. The weapon sandbox is still small enough that there can be strategic planning on what guns to have out at the right time and that's cool and all, but there will be battles that are won based solely on whoever randomly had the better gun equipped with no forethought.
  25. Call me crazy, but I hate that there are so many "viable weapons". Halo has and always will be, in my opinion, a game that should have a single utility weapon and power weapons. I loved that 90% of the fights were BR vs BR. The winner of those battles simply outshot the other person. They didn't win just because they had a better weapon. I get that Halo has to evolve or whatever, but utility weapon vs. the same utility weapon was so simple and fun for some reason. Strafing + BR vs. Strafing + BR Halo 1 pistol vs. Halo 1 pistol In a way, the older halo gameplay seems more complex to me than Halo 5s, even though it was a lot more simple. The wide open maps in h2 and h3 made 1vs1 BR fights happen constantly. When I watch Halo 5, I seldom see 1vs1 fights. And when I do see 1vs1 fights, people are just taking pop shots and thrusting behind cover or sprinting away. I played Halo 3 on the pit the other day, and I went into theater to watch how I got sniped. I flew my camera around the map and basically saw four 1vs1 fights going on. I watch Halo 5, and it's hard to even find a single 1vs1 fight. There was no balancing issues when it was BR vs BR. Now it seems like there is 10 different guns in Halo 5 and they all have balancing issues. You can either balance them equally, and have there be no point in having different guns in the first place, or have guns be unbalanced and people use that one powerful gun, once again making the point of having multiple guns useless. I can hop on and play H2 lockout/Sanctuary or H3 Pit/Gaurdian/Narrows all day long, but I got bored of the beta in a few games. Once again, call me crazy, but there more complex halo gets, the more linear the gameplay, in my opinion.
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