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  1. It's the most unbalanced multiplayer besides Halo 4. Having an advantage just by having a better pick up gun than someone is no better than having different abilities in Reach. How is getting killed by someone with a BR when you have a pistol off spawn fair? The rifles are 100x easier to use than the pistol, more aim assist, more bullet magnetism, and only kill marginally slower. These maps are atrocious. The more levels of height you have in a map, the bigger the "snowball" effect. You spawn on bottom middle of a city map, you have to climb 5 different levels just to get even with someone that's high. These city maps are one level above construct in terms of fairness and snowball effects. Maybe the 5-6 years of Halo Reach and Halo 4 are changing your guys' opinions? If Halo 5 came out with these maps and this uneven weapon sandbox right after Halo 2, I think you guys would be shitting on it a lot more. Utility weapon vs utility weapon, only pick up guns are power weapons. No semi common weapons that beat the utility weapon in terms of being easier to use. Anything less than that is a step down from Halo 1, 2, and 3 in terms of the meta that Halo used to be.
  2. Placement is stats, once your in a rank, it's purely win/loss
  3. Is there a way to mute or quiet the running sounds? The footsteps are insanely loud for some reason.
  4. Worst maps in the history of Halo. Bar none. I posted a post with greater depth on why these maps suck and what they are missing from great Halo maps. Here it is: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/5443-halo-5-guardians-discussion/page-2711?do=findComment&comment=591146
  5. Spawning on the bottom floor of a city map when there's 10 different levels and locations your enemy can come while your sitting out in the open...what a return back to classic Halo /s
  6. That's going to be at least 2 months lol. Wouldn't be surprised if 343 included warzone in the big team battle playlist.
  7. Would you guys rather thruster on LB and jump on A, or Jump with LB and thruster on X?
  8. You can't adapt spawning with an extremely hard to use pistol against an enemy with the easiest BR of the series.
  9. While he may be wrong in some areas, the pistol is underpowered against the BR which is what hes getting at. Nerfthe BR imo. Edit; little sleep on lots of caffeine
  10. This is 30 minutes into the game releasing to the public. How were they once a different rank?
  11. What's so hard about people matching people only in their rank tier? It's seriously common sense. If teams of 4 can't find another team of 4, you shouldn't be able to play. Champions are so called "competing for the best rank in the world" yet are going up and down based on matches against placement players lol.
  12. Ninja was champion 1 yesterday. The highest rank in the world. He was playing on a team of 4 He matched a team of either solo players or two 2s, and they weren't even in the same rank. 2 of them were still getting ranked LMAO You have the best people in the world playing against average people. One guy didn't even get a kill lol.
  13. Can anyone reply to my post that no one replied too and is a big concern of mine?
  14. Pistol vs Pistol is far more fun. They need to get rid of pick up BRs if you spawn with a pistol though.
  15. Fishstick controller settings Thrust on LB Zoom on left trigger Sprint on left joystick Melee on right joystick Only bad part is jump/clamber is on A However, this beats bumper jumper because you can thrust while keeping your fingers on the triggers and zooming is a hell of a lot easier with the triggers compared to pressing down on a joystick while moving it.
  16. Your last hour beat your first hour? Kappa
  17. Wouldn't a 4sk pistol start with a larger mag and no secondary guns on maps with no pick up weapons besides power ups be more fun to you guys?
  18. But when teams of 4 can match solo players, how do ranks have integrity? Team of 4 matching solo players can go up ranks way easier than solos matching teams of 4.
  19. 343 comes out with an amazing rank system. 343 fucks it up somehow.
  20. Pistol vs Pistol fights is the most fun I've had since H1/H2. 4sk pistol with a larger mag, pistol starts with no secondary, no pick up weapons besides power weapons. The Halo I've been dreaming of since Halo 3 launched.
  21. A big weapon sandbox was my biggest fear for Halo. In Halo 2 and 3, 90% of the fights were BR vs BR. The winner of a fight simply outplayed/out shot the other person. The playing field was completely even and it always came down to skill. The pistol isn't the jack of all trades you guys make it out to be. It has the least range of any gun except the AR, the least bullet magnetism, the least auto aim, and the smallest scope. You are at a disadvantage AT SPAWN against other guns, period. Yeah, you can win battles against a BR with a pistol, but you had to outplay the other guy by a huge amount for that to happen. If you face a person of equal skill, you will lose against common pick up weapons. You will lose a lot of battles because you spawned with a bad utility weapon. You will lose a lot of battles because your oppenent RANDOMLY had a better gun out. This shit didn't happen when it was BR vs BR. Skill won in every situation every single time. It isnt fun having a pistol out against a weapon that's 10 times easier to use and dieing and knowing that person only won because they had a better weapon out. Killing someone when you have a BR and they have a pistol isn't rewarding because you know they had a weapon that was 20x harder to use and has the POTENTIAL to marginally kill faster if they fucking hit every single shot. These maps are horrendous. Absolutely every good quality of good Halo maps are thrown out the window. It's not fucking fun and equal spawning on the bottom floor of a city map that has 10 different levels. You used to spawn on the bottom of lockout and your only defense was knowing that your opprnent can only come from like 2 different areas. Now you spawn and you have to watch 10 different areas and 5 different levels? This is by far one of the most unbalanced and unequal halo multiplayers besides Halo 4. Having a pistol that has the potential to kill a little bit faster against guns that are 20x easier to use doesn't just magically even the playing field like you guys think it does. BR vs BR was an even playing field 100% of the time because it was the SAME GUN. None of this TTK and which gun has higher bullet magnetism and higher auto aim bullshit. This has nothing to do with my skill level at Halo 5. I could be the worst player ever or the best player ever. Getting killed by a gun that's 20x easier to use than the gun I spawn with isn't fun, and killing someone with a weapon that is 20x easier to use than my oppenent isn't rewarding. I'm 100% for pistol vs Pistol or BR vs BR, but mixing the two and throwing other guns in the mix drastically changes the meta. It's not an even playing field with 5 different guns to use. And the rail gun is fucking garbage. When you get killed by rockets, you can at least blame yourself for letting your enemy get close enough that he could kill you. When you get killed by a sniper you can blame yourself for walking in a straight line and being an easy target, but how is it your fault you get killed by an easy ass gun to use that's basically a sniper that shoots a rocket when you spawn on the bottom floor of a map that has 10 different levels and your opponent can traverse the whole map on that same high level. You simply cannot escape and enemy on high ground in this game. You spawn bottom on lockout? You just avoid the high ground because they can't see you from up there and you make them come to you. Spawn bottom ground on the city maps? They can see you from any point on the map and you can't escape it. The most uneven multiplayer besides Halo 4, IMO. Having different guns is almost the same as having different abilities in reach. It's just not even.
  22. So fucking frustrating spawning with a pistol and you're against a dmr, a br, and a Carbine. Then someone sprints right up on you and just holds down a trigger and kills you in a second with an AR
  23. Hardly lol. Lots of quitters, want to get the hang of the game without having it be serious as fuck.
  24. They need to get a social playlist ASAP.
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