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  1. Fuck a god damn weapon sandbox man. Give me a 4sk pistol and just power weapons on the map. I miss BR vs BR. No one had an advantage because they happened to have a better gun equipped. Gun vs. the same gun was the biggest part of Halo to me. Even playing field no matter what, skill always won. I hate this "oh I'm going in close range, gotta pull out my close range gun or else I'm toast" crap. I'm not trying to sound like a downer and make fun of people who like to use different guns and stuff, but damn do I hate this military style strategic planning of what guns you need to have out at what range. Does it not piss you off getting killed by someone who you KNOW is worse than you and they only won because they had a better gun out?
  2. No social playlists, no matchmaking restrictions, teams of 4 match me when I play solo. Something so simple ruining the game for a lot of people.
  3. Actually really liking breakout now. Reminds me of Halo 1.
  4. At this point in Halo, I'd rather them take out clamber than sprint. Clamber has taken us from maps like Sanctuary and The Pit to maps like Plaza and The Rig. Clamber is the number one reason all these maps are so chaotic and confusing.
  5. The pistol seems off for some reason. Almost like the Halo 1 MCC pistol.
  6. What does this week 1 stuff mean? It's going to be like this every time a new season starts. I personally don't see Halo 5's population increasing like Halo 2s and 3s. The last few days are probably the highest amount of ranked players playing the game there will ever be. If anything, ranked is going to get worse than you already think if the population declines. Ninja is like champion 7 or whatever, and champions 1-6 are playing when he is, and champions 8-20. So all the Champions around him are winning are going up when hes beating the Sudds who are not that good of ranks.
  7. Halo 4 breated freely for about 4 months until the population dropped to 30k people online, a population that took other Halos 5 or 6 years to reach. 343 breathing freely is launching Halo 4 without ranks and waiting half a year to add them. They were probably breathing pretty nice patching MCC every 3 or 4 months. But hey, no fileshare since 343 took over Halo over the course of 3 games, 2 on a better console than a console that once featured fileshare. 2 objective gametypes LOL. Least unique maps ever, least amount of playlists ever, least amount of content ever in a halo game. Keep letting them breathe bro, they'll get too it "soon". Let's give them a break until after black ops 3 and Fallout 4 launches while we're at it lol.
  8. First patch should be this imo: Buff pistol to a 4sk and increase mag size Get AT LEAST two permanent social playlists. Social Slayer and Social Arena at a minimum Nerf the BR so it's not a power weapon Nerf the AR. Possibly get rid of it in ranked arena if the pistol mag gets buffed? Increase occurence of slayer on Truth in the slayer playlist. Increase all occurences of non city maps. Decrease occurence of city maps. 6 person FFA. Decrease spawn times for Slayer. Decrease breakout occurence in Team Arena Add Orion and Pegasus to Slayer. Fix the voice chat symbols so you can see who's talking. Fix FFA spawns and fix spawns across the board. Remove post game betrayal penalties. Fix the INSULT that is custom games. Anything less than reach custom options is a fucking rip off. Add king of the hill, oddball, and assault so we're not playing the same TWO OBJECTIVE GAMETYPES over and over and over. These are all reasonable fixes and if it seems like a lot, then that sucks. People arent going to wait months for fixes to problems that shouldn't be problems in the first place. If this game doesn't see bi-monthly patches it's going to die hard. 343 makes more money and has a bigger budget than 90% of other companies, yet they patch their games slower than 90% of other companies. It's time to stop stunting your games, 343. This "sustain" crap is a recent idea by AAA companies to cover up the lack of shit people paid full price for. Idk about you guys, but I'm fucking tired of 343 waiting until AFTER their games die to fix the most basic stuff.
  9. Pistola is a fucking boss lol. Gets in front of 1000 people on twitch and just doesn't give a shit what people think lol. He's like a mad genius kind of character. People like him are good for Halo.
  10. Because they are still balancing it after 3 years and are giving us so much free content from the bottom of their hearts. You have 2 options with 343soft Halo. They either release shit on time and have it be broken... Or you have to wait a few months because they are fixing something that's broken right now.
  11. This a 100%. Maps are way to complicated and there are too many weapons that beat your starting "utility" weapon. Back to looking for viable weapons off spawn.
  12. R.I.P. to features that made sense Forgot which Halo had the "talkative teammate" option. I know connection and skill doesn't matter as much with dedis and rank, but the search restrictions for talkative teammates and local players was nice.
  13. Spawning with the hardest pistol in the series against people with the easiest BR in the series will do that. Why would anyone try to push someone when they might have a fucking god rifle.
  14. All I get is diamond, in multiple playlists, on multiple accounts.
  15. Halo 1 lanners, Is the Halo 5 pistol harder to kill with than the Halo 1 pistol? Which one is more fun/satisfying?
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