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  1. Robbyy

    NBA Thread

    KD is bullying the cavs so far.
  2. Haven't been around Halo in forever but I didn't know comp was played with radars now. Interesting
  3. Sucks to see this kinda thing is still going on but it's expected.
  4. Was wandering here to look for a thread like this, heh My accounts atm Also waddup @ ;p
  5. ^ Aw actually sucks lol Bo2 still best cod
  6. This this this. That video above though, I never saw it and now I'm even more excited. That awesome interface/menu is pretty cool.
  7. I thought he was going to cook as well. Still, a perfect, beautiful ending nonetheless. From the music to the acting itself. Everything molded very well.
  8. Hmm.. there's still hope for a competitive playlist maybe? I mean, their game is set for the 2014 MLG season. Really anticipating the next 3arc game though.
  9. Enjoyed watching Gandhi commentate. Made the switch from Halo a few months ago. Loving what I swore I'd never play, lol. Only gets better from here.
  10. It'll be much more organized than the H4 event we got last year. 2 weeks for teams to play and at least get basic map knowledge/strategies down. It's leveled ground, it's good. Was going to compete, but for now I'm just looking forward to spectating online. Will be interesting to watch top tier play with only 2 weeks of experience.
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