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  1. What other choice is there when he has already exterminated the entire opposing team? Would you rather have him not kill them than to continue the multikill he's already on? Are you that fucking dense?
  2. Can't believe nobodys commented on this yet. It's fucking incredible.
  3. I'm sorry about the late response, but thank you all for the comments -- it really fuels my drive to continue creating content. I've already saved up enough clips for another montage, but I'm striving to retain the amount of variety I had in this, and I have some spectacular ideas I'm still yet to realize. I'm going home for Christmas, so it won't be out until mid-January at the very earliest. I can only promise that there will be more, and I'm aiming as high (if not higher) as I did with this montage.
  4. This is my first Halo 5 montage, which was released on the 25th of November, so it obviously features gameplay from just about a month's worth of playing. I wanted to go all out on this project, and I had a vision of how I wanted it all to turn out when I started the editing process. I feel like I managed to make it live up to my own expectations, even though there are bits and pieces in here that I could be happier with. I could only fit about half of the clips I wanted to use in this, so unfortunately, the rest will have to wait it out. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the final product, and I consider it some of my best work yet. I hope you all -- Enjoy -- A download link will be made available if anyone requests it.
  5. Also, this thread loads slow as fucking shit because of the gifs. Any chance of having that fixed or at the very least optimized?
  6. On the last watch I gave it, it was at 5.5k views. It had grown by a thousand in less than 2 hours. Piano Frenzy said it has 7k views with 1k+ likes when it got downed, and with the exposure from pros like Ogre 2 tweeting about it, Kampy shouting it out in his latest video, it surfacing the frontpage of r/Halo, it was bound to grow, and it honestly had the best exposure we have seen since before 2010. It was well on it's way to being the first Halo montage in the longest time to break 100k. It's really sad it was stopped in it's tracks.
  7. It's a movie studio that generally works with anime style cartoon films. My girlfriend introduced me to their films a few months ago, and they are truly wonderful. It got taken down because the music in the montage is copyrighted by them(like most music is), and Hyena obviously hasn't contacted them or bought the rights to use their music, but that's usually not a problem since we don't make montages for profit. It's all for entertainment and for our own love for a game, but I believe it was taken down because of the rapid growth is was gaining, and since it had copyrighted material included in it. I think it's mostly Youtube just making sure that someone isn't making money off of other peoples work and content. It'll most likely be sorted out soon.
  8. Studio Ghibli is amazing. Watch their movies. If anyone hasn't watched it yet, there's a JW Stream available at TheHaloForum. edit: apparently i cant figure out how to properly put up a link, heres the url: http://www.thehaloforum.com/videos/mastery
  9. I switched my Xbox ONE controllers right analog stick out with one from an old Xbox 360 controller. I had to use sandpaper to make it fit, but it feels just like the Halo 3 I remember after doing it. It's definitely the new, smaller analog sticks that make it a problem.
  10. They should have kept the "social" playlists at 10 players max - 8 players minimum. I'm sick of getting 3v3s because the game is afraid of searching any longer when it finds 6 players. Sure the teams might end up being uneven at times, but at least I'm not stuck playing hide and seek on Last Resort.
  11. My guess is they made H2A the only functional game to highlight it. If it wasn't favored by the community because it's the only one that actually works, it would have been overrun by everyone else playing their childhood favorites. But hey, I honestly don't think they purposely screwed up any games, it's just a theory.
  12. I need someone to make the same tweet about Team Snipers.
  13. Yeah, figured they would take a look at some Halo: Reach montages and see the infinite amount of Killionaires that were gotten on Pinnacle. Not a chance, let's make it happen all over again!
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