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  1. On 1/27/2019 at 1:19 AM, 72826 said:

    Here is the clarity: I am saying that Aries is a better fit on Denial than Eco would be, in my opinion. Your assessment that Aries had “one good series at a tournament with a handful of good teams” is accurate, but the implication is misleading. He played well enough in a team game to get them into the grand finals and take it to a second series. That’s more consistent play than just “one good series”.


    Do I think Aries is a better Halo player than Eco? ok. How are we assessing what makes one Halo player better than another? Tournament wins? If that’s the case then Destin is a better Halo player than Naded because he has won a tournament and Naded has not. Present an objective standard for assessment of Halo players and then we can have the discussion about who is better than who. Otherwise it’s just subjective and I’m not going to dive into that.


    Until then, Eco wouldn’t fit as well on Denial as Aries does; and, Aries has gotten the shaft and is constantly slept on by people, which grosses me out. 



    Hope that that clears things up. :)

    don't forget I have 2 FFA major wins ;) 

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  2. On 12/1/2018 at 7:55 PM, Pulsar said:


    Lethul is by far the most successful Halo player of the last four years. He has twice turned contenders into dynasties. 


    Frosty is the MVP of a team who's dominance in Halo 5 has rivaled Final Boss's dominance in Halo 2. 


    Naded hasn't won an event.


    Enable could be higher I'll give you that, he was a hell of a player in Reach and Halo 4, Halo 3 for that matter too, but I give an edge to the players above him for various reasons.

    don't forget I have won some FFA majors, so you would say, hasn't been on a winning 4v4 team or never placed 1st in a major 4v4 event

  3. I always thought shady and unethical went hand in hand



    I don't know, for me it seemed like Carlos had a choice to keep a seed within the rules and he did, I do not see anything wrong with that from a business standpoint, obviously he could of been nice and gave them the seed but not very many people are nice when it comes to teams and things like that. Trust me I would know, I have been screwed over more than anyone with teams.

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  4. Lol Naded uploading daily vlogs? Just like you were gonna start streaming more and uploading vids 3 different times in the past year?


    Everyone move along. Naded isn't going to follow through. Just like he didn't follow through on his "leaving the team if something shady happened"

    Yeah I have apologized many times for the false promises but have always said it was just a delay, I went through a very depressing stressful time in my life after worlds which is why I had to stop playing for a bit, I have my son that comes as well which throws me off sometimes, but it is all good, I do not want anyone to believe I will do it, I will prove I will do it to the entire Halo community. And nothing shady happened in my eyes.

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  5. I highly doubt you 'just didn't know anything'. You act like you have been out of the loop and not involved, then directly say how you're going to push content. You can't stay updated on your own team but are going to start vloging, streaming, and posting consistently? 

    hey believe whatever you want, I wasn't even on the team until like the day of roster lock...I barely even started talking to them. And yes I am going to, all my fans and the Halo community deserve it for being so awesome to me over the years.

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  6. 2 things: always been shady of Naded, and I feel this establishes a better reason for it

    and @@Shooter I think you are meaning to use the word "owned" instead of "honed"


    you hone a skill, you own up to something

    Not sure why youve been shady of me! I will be uploading daily vlogs starting tonight so maybe you can come over and get to know me a little! Not sure what has been discussed so far, have not read much of the forums, but I joined this team late and wasn't even going to (was going to join str8 until Richie retired and I told Carlos I would join, yeah I could of joined back when he unretired but I was just over this whole team changing thing already so I just stayed).


    I had no idea what was even going on between Carlos, ESL, and any other players, I only heard things here and there from Carlos but not until after the roster lock was over I found out about them not having a seed. Like everyone has said before both teams were supposed to get a seed from my understanding but I was so much out of the loop since I joined so late I didn't know what was actually going to happen. Obviously Shooters team and Spartans team are really great teams and deserve a spot as well, personally I am not even a fan of having a pro league and go back to how it used to be.


    All I know is we are going to put in our best shot to qualify for worlds, we have only been a team for a very short time and St Louis will be good practice for us. I am just excited I am finally going to start reaching my content goals for the halo community. Vlogs, Gameplays, Streams consistently has been something I have always wanted to accomplish. Getting too old to care for any negativity in my life ;) 

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  7. i know exactly what happened inside your team, you can say nick went and gossiped but it's not gossip when it's a screenshot of a direct conversation. You can say what you want and save face here but at the end of the day you were a burden on the team and left them with a false retirement.


    You can say you're all about positive vibes, you can say it all you want but a few streams with + vibes in the title doesn't undo years of actions proving otherwise.


    But yes i respond to all hate right? Well the second I said something bad about you poof here you are. I'm here all the time pretty much regardless of topic. Can't say the same for you:

    Responding to a pro player with a big voice in the community and random people is different, but saying you know exactly what happened is ignorant. Not sure why you are putting Nick on blast (in my opinion) saying he screenshotted you pics of a personal conversation. It is impossible for you to know because you were not there. Not sure what years of action you are talking about but at the end of the day you went out of your way to put my name down negatively and started rumors about me saying I retired, had a bad attitude/quit the team and gave up (which is all untrue). It is unprofessional in my opinion, thats all I am saying. Not sure you how you cant see that. 

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  8. Yeah cuz its not like he himself posts the lethul gets carried meme...


    Lethul hardly ever entertains critisism here seriously, and when he does its usually so nonsensical that you really cant blame for calling it out. Not to mention he's far better at wording his responses then most pros usually do when they're being blunt. 

    I see what you are saying, but it is just my opinion over the years, I just have a problem with people putting other peoples names down in a negative way because of rumors they say. I am all about positivity and responding in a friendly humble way. 

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