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  1. Team Name: Aries & Naded Winner: Aries & Naded Round Number: 3 Score: 2-0 twitch.tv/Naded
  2. Team Name: Aries & Naded Winner: Aries & Naded Round Number: 2 Score: 2-1 twitch.tv/Naded
  3. Team Name: Aries & Naded Winner: Aries & Naded Round Number: 1 Score: other team did not show up
  4. Wish I could be playing in this but I will be behind home plate at the Giants Dodgers game that day Good Luck to everyone else competing
  5. I see that but I believe Hokum went to events prior to 2007. That is very close to what I am talking about though. Well I guess if a player placed in the top 16, then picked up 3 players that never went to an event, then it would count
  6. So you are saying I am the only person that has done it then correct?
  7. Had a question, Has there ever been a pro player that took a team of 3 amateur players who have never went to an event before and placed top 8 besides Fatal Images in Meadowlands 2008? Just wondering if that has happened twice
  8. Team Name: Royal & Naded Winner: Royal & Naded Round Number: Round 2 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  9. Team Name: Royal/Naded Gamertag 1: Royai 2 Gamertag 2: Naded twitch.tv/Naded twitch.tv/Royal_2
  10. Appreciate the support man. I never said H4 was going to be the best halo ever made. I thought it could be up there with Halo 2/3 but little did I realize I was only playing the beta version of the game which was actually pretty close to the final version of H4. I thought there would be a lot more changes. I was told that there was going to be ranks but for some reason they never put them in. I was also told that no de-scope was a glitch but I guess it wasnt. I told 343 that they should include as many options to turn things off/on in custom games but unfortunately they did not include much (descope, drop flag, no sprint, etc.) I do apologize that I may have jumped the gun on Halo 4 a little but I really did see potential in it. Unfortunately it was not what I thought it was going to be at all. As for Boss Nasti, yes he does come across as having a big ego and he is unprofessional in many ways but I only looked at him as a coach. He is a great coach for sure. That is how I knew him by is what he knew about coaching, not his youtube breakdown videos I'm sure all you know him by. I just wanted to do that team house for Black Ops 2 with him and thought it would be a great opportunity to make a team and become a great success story by placing well at events but unfortunately that fell through cause of a teammate backing out. Honestly Boss Nasti had a lot of great ideas and had some knowledge of competitive shooter games but just unfortunately never developed the right attitude to be able to express himself in a proper manner. I could explain a lot more about those situations if anyone had any questions about it.
  11. Ninja will not be going to RTX, right now I am not sure if I will be competing at that iron gaming event. Ryanoob is now teaming with APG/Lethul/Heinz. Not sure what Goofy is doing but I will only be going to that event if I get sponsored to go and have a decent team.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I definitely should start streaming more Halo 2. A lot of people have been wanting me to play XBC. Its just most people love to watch me play matchmaking Halo 3 cause its competitive. As for the giveaway, yes Komonzi was not following the stream at the time. Now he is a subscriber and has been in my stream almost every time I have signed on. It is pointless to do it for only followers cause someone can just unfollow after they win. I can't do subscriber only giveaways because that is now illegal on Twitch due to gambling laws. Thanks so much for the support and feedback, I am always open to hear any suggestions or concerns regarding the stream. I am going to be doing many more Astro giveaways coming up soon.
  13. I appreciate you posting this while also very surprised this was here. I honestly can't thank everyone enough for the support I have been receiving. The reason why I went on this rant was because I was receiving so much hate for complaining about connection in one game of team doubles but also because of that money comment, everything I said though is true. I really do care about this community and do believe one day we will be back to where we were before. I will continue to stream as much as I can and try to provide quality streams for everyone daily as long as I continue to receive the love and support. Can't wait until E3!
  14. Team Name: Darkest Hour Winner: Darkest Hour Round Number: Round 4 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) Proof = my stream
  15. Team Name: Darkest Hour Winner: Darkest Hour Round Number: Round 2 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) Team did not show up, I messaged them, no message back. Proof= my stream.
  16. Team Name: Darkest Hour Winner: Darkest Hour Round Number: Round 1 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) Proof, is my stream
  17. Team Name: Rookies Winner: Rookies Round Number: Round 1 Score: 2 - 0

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