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  1. it sounds a lot worse than it actually was on the stream
  2. it is unfortunately long gone most likely
  3. don't forget I have won some FFA majors, so you would say, hasn't been on a winning 4v4 team or never placed 1st in a major 4v4 event
  4. definitely! I have talked about it on stream before but I will be happy to make a video explaining any topics people from the Halo community that people would like to see
  5. I don't know, for me it seemed like Carlos had a choice to keep a seed within the rules and he did, I do not see anything wrong with that from a business standpoint, obviously he could of been nice and gave them the seed but not very many people are nice when it comes to teams and things like that. Trust me I would know, I have been screwed over more than anyone with teams.
  6. Yeah I have apologized many times for the false promises but have always said it was just a delay, I went through a very depressing stressful time in my life after worlds which is why I had to stop playing for a bit, I have my son that comes as well which throws me off sometimes, but it is all good, I do not want anyone to believe I will do it, I will prove I will do it to the entire Halo community. And nothing shady happened in my eyes.
  7. yeah sorry, everything happens for a reason though, look at all the hate I got for even talking to Boss, I have done pretty well for myself since then. Especially with streaming thousands of hours for the Halo community when the Halo community was really down after the whole AGL scandal. Can't let outside sources determine what you do, I like to develop my own opinion of people instead of just hearing things and and judging them off that.
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