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  1. Lets be honest people how many really practiced halo 4 a lot.
  2. 76 to 11 thats a blowout man smh i feel bad for H4 kids who thought it was alive
  3. 66 to 9 AHHAHAHHAHAHHAH Hey Proven i get what your saying but Halo 4 is literally finished 343 knows it Global Champs was the last hoorah everybody that cared about halo left bro. Might as well have a throwback tourney as the final tourney
  4. Does AGL stream on Twitch ? sorry first time im gonna view it
  5. Dat Hive Doe :frankerz:
  6. Mamba

    NBA Thread

    Marshon brooks looks like he wants to die in that celtic pic.
  7. Mamba

    NBA Thread

    Hey everyone just found this again Anyways Next season is a waste so ill have fun watching swaggy P and Kobe fight for the ball :maven:
  8. just read through all that this is my face :
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