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  1. Interested to see what this new EG squad can prove. Lots of talent hopefully Snip3down is a good replacement for OG2 from old Instinct squad.
  2. Seems like they are wasting their time and ours, by adding useless features to the game... I don't know why they even try to appeal to the casual gamer crowd when obviously halo lost that with the release of Reach.
  3. I think skins should be allowed, it is personal pref
  4. Lol got to love glitches, another reason why simplicity > adding useless features like assassination animations...
  5. This would remind me of Socom, I think a game mode like this would be awesome.
  6. Yeah your list was pretty good. I just want more top notch players back and more top tier teams so it can be more competitive and it is not the same teams winning every tournament.
  7. I don't feel there is enough good people to make a worthy top 20 list. The difference in skill between 1-6/8 is so much bigger then 9-20
  8. Yes! GoldenBoy is such a good caster, he does a fantastic job casting any game that he casts. He was born to cast!
  9. When I was watching the stream I thought to myself, if SQ were to drop Ace or Dersky and pickup Roy I think they could definitely have a chance of beating Ambush, but right now it will be tough for any team to beat em'.
  10. Just finished the first book yesterday. I am started the second one today. I have seen seasons 1 and 2 for the show.
  11. Good to see Roy back in action.
  12. I haven't played a pokemon game since Red and Blue and Yellow. Those games were the shiz. I would play them again, but probably nothing new. Not into it anymore.
  13. As long as the game plays good and the maps are decent and have a good forge system. I think with 60FPS and dedicated servers this game could do really well!
  14. It is hard to tell, most gaming companies want to make a game with similar properties to all the popular games, such as sprint, kill streaks and random stuff like that. But, if they do it right they will go back to simplicity and make a good Halo.
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