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  1. Thanks reason only seen like 5 of these. you've always been v helpful
  2. I have been asleep. Could you guys please recommend some films I might have missed from the last year or two
  3. what happened? went julia holter last night, was phenomenal
  4. Suspiria remake could be cool tilda love
  5. @@kwozy moto sweet trailer, good to see you getting the love
  6. @@kwozy moto will be in morocco, would be cool
  7. holy shit that third episode was phenomenal. wonder how long that took to write
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HEVYU46giQ
  9. wasnt going near the city centre today. waaay to messy
  10. Thought Rivera just edged the first fight but I like Pickett. delighted for bisping, super fight
  11. https://soundcloud.com/saul_williams-1/saul-williams-all-coltrane-solos-at-once-feat-haleek-maul
  12. her voice is insane so annoyed i missed the gig http://www.npr.org/2016/02/10/466286135/chelsea-wolfe-tiny-desk-concert?utm_campaign=storyshare&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social
  13. But it was written for sandler...
  14. vaguely remember seeing it a few months back. From what I can recall it was a really really good first half and then kinda went a bit nuts and I wasnt such a fan after that. the director's other film Resolution is definitely worth watching too
  15. Cool you liked Duke of Edinburgh (lol i mean burgundy) too, did you get around to Berberian yet?
  16. why the fuck do they keep getting russell on these things
  17. @@hapaxlegomena mistress A was so disappointing, and the lobster was a bit of a let down too but it was ok star wars was a good time which was as much as I was hoping for so I am pleased.
  18. oh yes founders breakfast stout is awesome
  19. ok so real simple thoughts Cantillon and OG were not what I expected. A lot lighter and easier to drink than I imagined. But I didnt find them that tasty, maybe it being the first time I just found it hard to get past the sourness, but again I didnt find it overly powerful, maybe they were too cold, probably like 6 or 7 degrees Celsius. I liked them but wouldnt be something I would be rushing out to buy again, especially given cost. Havent had the breakfast stout yet. But the Lagunitas Cappuccino and Founders Imperial were both really tasty. Maybe a little heavier than I would prefer but v nice. Leann Follain is still my favourite though. Founders Rubaeus was nice, gorgeous raspberry flavour but a bit too light and maybe simple? Guy in the shop did recommend adding it as a head to one of the founders stouts, but for first time I kinda just wanted to try everything for what it was. Of the IPAs the Jackhammer has probably my favourite. The Odell - Peach Tree Shaker was rather disappointing. Really enjoyed this, practically a Pale Ale as well http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/25482/183103/ My favourite has to be the Blue Sky Blue Sea. I never had a Gose before, are they all like this. Holy shit that sweetness and citrus/fruity flavour. Like an IPA but without an overly strong hoppy twang. Of everything it is the one thing I cant wait to try again.
  20. Yeh it is probably the best liquor store in ireland, not that I would know many, but seems to be the best in dublin so probably fair to say. Hard to get elsewhere I would imagine. craft beers have only been popularised in the last 2-3 years. it was gaining so much ground that Guinness went to the trouble of making their own IPA (hophouse) which is as expected in-offensive as fuck. But because its guinness its basically on draught in every regular pub and I would imagine somewhat hurting the growth of the craft market. never had a sour before, so excited to try, although wouldnt be surprised if i dont find it too enjoyable. looking forward to seeing how the founders compares to the o'haras leann follain, also a coffee stout and in the same way as you, one I get nearly every weekend
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