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  1. This game really punishes playing alone, I really want some solo-queue weighting in matchmaking because going in and getting stuck against a full team in the Onyx bracket is pretty much the least fun you can have in this game.
  2. I was really hoping for Griffball or Infection, Shotty snipes is the only real choice.
  3. I'm always looking for people to run games with.
  4. It's very up and down for me, I'm either really enjoying it or just hating every single second of it.
  5. BR starts, No BR starts, I can take it or leave it. (^) Like you said, I was more talking about what would be easier on 343 and more possible? We'll need a Title update for the magnetism change regardless, right? I am not exactly sure on how much power the "New forge" is going to have in that department.
  6. I'm not trying to seem like a smartass here, but if people want a 4sk magnum (Due to it being higher skill gap, ect.) Why not just make most of the weapons harder to use and just swap the BR in as a primary weapon? Trying to picture how a non-babied (Magnetism) BR/DMR/Magnum/AR/Sniper would play live.
  7. I am just curious what changes everyone thinks need to be made and in what priority. (To get back on topic) Is Magnetism the highest priority change we want? I know a lot of people have things they like and don't like but as a unified body is there one issue we can look to fix first?
  8. I voted for BR+Pistol, I hope for some changes to the magnetism and hope they make the BR a bit harder to use with the utility of being able to swap to the magnum quickly in a pinch. Just my opinion on what I prefer to see for Halo.
  9. Would a fix to this absurd magnetism fix the BR, Sniper and AR?
  10. I loved it up to the point of AR/Magnum starts, and I've lost a lot of interest after that. I'd play more if it was BR starts but for now it's kinda meh.
  11. My first hour of Halo 5 was spent learning the controls, fumbling grenades and pressing all the wrong buttons as I tried to get bumper jumper back into muscle memory. (Way too much Destiny prior) My team and I spent the first hour and 45 minutes complaining as we stomped through teams to get to Onyx. Slide was rarely ever used and I've only ever seen one successful ground pound in any of my games. It felt way too over complicated by features up until we started playing against the higher tier players, who wouldn't bother with the cheese moves and would focus on winning and abusing the features. I found myself annoyed after catching many people out in bad positioning, three shots into them and about to deliver that last headshot when they sprint and thrust away to safety which effectively resets the entire fight. Halo 5 is amazing but it's still got the same frustrating occurrences from H4 and HR, while adding in more features from other games which were also hit and miss. I rarely used slide, ground pound, and I turned off Auto-stabilize when aiming because I found it more annoying than helpful. I'm not sure how useful spartan charge is, I've only ever seen it used by one person, after 8 attempts he finally killed someone with it so I don't know if it could be good in better hands or just doesn't fit. Weapons- (It's hard to give honest feedback on the weapon balance because of flinch and vibration.) But I liked the DMR/BR/Magnum in the beta though. Things will probably change at launch without those. Big issues: Vibration?- Edit: Turns out to be an oversight and will be in for launch. Sprint- I never hopped onto the Anti-sprint bandwagon, I tried to stay optimistic because I enjoy sprint as a movement tool but it turns into an escape tool more so than not and that entirely kills some of the great plays you make, coupled with thrust pack it makes you nearly unkillable if you have even mediocre team shot. It won't be removed so I won't ask for it, I think there needs to be a separation between MP and Campaign. - Campaign should feature the sprint that's currently in the beta, while MP should be nerfed and be more of a dash if anything. - MP Sprint should not be able to be used while your shield is hurt in any way and if you get shot it should cancel it, that's really the only way I see it working out. I would settle for not being able to sprint while your shield is down. Flinch- Flinch has been by far the most frustrating part of the beta for me and I'm glad it's being removed. Thrust- I'm really not a fan of it, or at least not a fan of how it's implemented with sprint. Thrust needs a rather long cooldown so you cannot just keep abusing and abusing it. It extends out the kill times way too long and supports bad play and positioning. ADS- I enjoy the new scope looks, it hasn't impacted me much and I like it more than the old circle, sorry guys. But I do think the scoping speed needs to be increased. Clamber- I like it, I just think there needs to be some trick jump/clamber routes added in for increased skill. AR/SMG- The damage and range is ludicrous and needs to be toned down, I like the AR having more distance than the SMG but when aimed they shouldn't be able to kill you across the map. (Slight exaggeration) lower the damage slightly, increase the spread while aiming and lower the range. Minor issues: -Sniper feels pretty heavy and sluggish, it needs it's fire rate buffed slightly. -Take the tower sniper out of the map -Empire- and replace it with another weapon, rockets would work. - Retro it up and put shotty back bottom mid of Truth to counter sword. -Add two BR's to each base on Truth and remove the DMR spawn in the window above it. DMR in the bases makes the beginning of the game way too campy. -Sword is a bit too crazy with sprint and thrust and they allow you to run through a wall of bullets and chase down kills, nerfing them would balance out the sword. (I'm leaving out loads of things that have already been stated a bunch of times throughout this section.) Those are the only things that stuck out to me for now, I'll edit and add more as i think of them With all that being said, I think H5 is a step in the right direction and I'm looking forward to seeing how well the feedback is taken, and how well the game turns out come launch. I look forward to playing WAY more when it's BR Starts. Thanks. ~TeMpLaR PS: Typing this from a phone is beyond annoying.
  12. I like the -idea- of sprint as a movement tool, but in application it turns into an escape tool more often than not. It feels a whole lot better in this game than it did in HR or H4, but still leaning more towards a NO on it. (But it won't be removed so just add some heavier nerfs to it, that would suffice.) I'm not really sold on thrust pack either, but one thing that bugs me about this game is that all these new features just feel like too much complication. Ground pound, slide, ect, ect. very Destiny IMO, I hated striker titans and slide shotty's so these don't seem very appealing either. I thought we agreed as a community that we wanted Halo to have less of this and not more. =/
  13. I was looking forward to playing a -new- Halo game and not a re-textured version of Halo 2. (Like most people seem to want) This game however feels very anti-legacy and more of it's own thing. I'm still not sure what I think but I'll need to really put some serious hours into this to decide. So far sprint and thrust concern me a little, but I'm a fan of the smart scope and clamber.
  14. Complete truth. After Semi's pretty much vanished after Halo 3, the pro's continued to play and play while the rest of the community dropped off, leaving a huge gap in skill between the rest since not many others were still putting in the games or time to challenge that upper echelon.
  15. He seems to bounce from company to company for whatever project he's needed on.
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