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  1. Like a lot of have said, people need to be made accountable and I don't think firing is too harsh a punishment.
  2. What a disapointment this games been. My wife and I spent over $1,000 for 2 xbones just for this game and we don't even play it becauuse of all this shit. Feeling pretty ripped off right now
  3. What a joke, the update has done nothing for me. I start off searching and get 1 flag on Ivory Tower and my team mate quits out. Then I search for an hour in every playlist and can't find a single player.
  4. Is there anyone in Australia searching? I've been trying for half an hour and haven't found anyone.
  5. Have they confirmed they'll be using the Australian servers at launch?
  6. I remember seeing someone's screen shake for several seconds because they where being spammed with nades. How is this any good for gameplay, especially when you can carry 8 nades!
  7. I voted Hitscan on the condition that they reduce bulet magnetism.
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