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  1. Man, It's been a long ass time since I watched some Halo. Helluva first map to see.
  2. Hi OT of GD, long time no see
  3. I've just got into Battle Royale got my first solo win last night. I don't even get mad when i die first and come 99th lol
  4. Well boys, I finally got to my ultimate goal, even if it is console.
  5. Hey, so I've been betting on ow since skybet started taking them bets about 4/5 months ago. I've made more doing it than I have working actually lol Are you in the U.K.? do you use bet365? Skybet take match winners for the World Cup which is better because if any score is 2-2 it gets voided so no loss on singles an accas are still valid. Also as for group winners, I would give the edge to Taiwan over USA, the Taiwanese team is Flash Wolves an they are a really damn good team to be honest.
  6. Well, I finally done it. Next stop top 500
  7. Lunatic Hai have a crazy female fan base, they almost control Lunatic Hai at this point. I believe OGN with continue with the Apex league, the reason why they had the new season now is because they either had to have one now or Jan 2018. I'm more hyped about seeing Rogue, they are so fun to watch. Also, a bit of a SoOn fanboy.
  8. New controller options are available and they are nutty. I'm really impressed, my track in instantly better.
  9. We should party up sometime Yep Winston is way fun on console just like pc. Played him on our when the changes come through an instant fell in love with the big hairy scientist. started playing him on console a few weeks back, bringing out my inner Miro. He's now one of my best characters. I guess because i play mostly tracer an sombra these days an Winston kinda plays the sameish style. Edit: Yeah, this clip sums it up really
  10. Yeah i still play, still play support in comp but my sombra actually raised my mmr a whole bunch to where im quick playing with top 500s My boys in Liquid look good even though they lost. Shadder has really brought out the best in the team, even id looks amazing.
  11. You can set the metrics api in twitter to report if the video was 100% in view for 3 seconds. User opens up twitter, the video plays for 3 seconds, unique viewer. I'm not saying that's what they did, just throwing it out there as a possibly.
  12. Was 3400ish last season, had really bad placements an im now in 2600 running solo healer Mercy.... Kill me. My best characters are Tracer, Sombra, Mercy, so im not in the best place right now in the meta. On a plus note, i can really tell that the new Mercy buff makes a difference.
  13. Frosty still wins, if it was Lisa there'd be a different result
  14. I play on both tbh, unfortunately you have to buy each platform separately. I'd buy which each platform you have more people to play with personally.
  15. I haven't touched a Halo game since OW dropped and i haven't missed it. Also goddamn Sombra is fun to play, shame everyone hates her.
  16. Ana is the source of the current meta. Nerf Ana, save the meta.
  17. She can place all 6 turrets right away, instead of getting 3 and waiting for the other 3. Her beam now latches on at 7 meters instead of 5. She also now has 2 ults
  18. I just need McCrees skin and ill have them all. I'm kinda obsessed with getting all the skins. Still haunted by that Junkenstein skin i missed.
  19. Yeah the patch is out on PC an Xbox now. They release Eichenwald just before a free weekend too (Well a console free weekend) . RIP trying to play Sombra in quick play though with the new 1 hero limit.
  20. Sombra is coming tomorrow, maybe even tonight if something happen. PTR is down and went down in quite a funny way https://streamable.com/6y9i
  21. Free weekend 18-21 on all platforms, so if you've got a friend that wants to try it. let em know https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20372506
  22. I joked about being a Sombra main before the reveal, but damn, she suits my playstyle so much. Also, kinda glad they are putting the single hero limit in quick play. Sure, it's sometimes fun to play 6 torbs, but not every other game.
  23. This is gonna be damn interesting, if anyone's up this early. The APAC Premier, some Asian teams plus NRG and Rogue are there https://www.twitch.tv/bananaculture
  24. Yeah, i have Overwatch on pc, an play it every now and again, but i keep going back to xbox Overwatch for some reason Yeah, Liquid were one of my favorites due to Dahang being on there and playing support, then when they added the new guys i went full liquid.
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