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  1. As far as campaign info goes, is the last bit of this video meant to be some sort of teaser for Infinite? (starting at 1:42)
  2. If you go up to the top of a given page in this thread you can click on "Follow this topic," and in doing so will give you notifications for every new post (you can also edit the notification preferences). Whenever I sign in I just open up the notifications drop down, click on the first one, and it will always bring me to the last page I was on
  3. Flamesword briefly expressing interest in coaching next year (jump to 33:00)
  4. Anyone know if they're going to announce who's playing in the celebrity match?
  5. This looks fantastic, I can't wait see it go live! Thanks!
  6. I've decided to take that as a...
  7. potentially maybe TB weapon and/or armor skins for h5?? or even an emblem?
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