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  1. What good is a critical eye if you always have to be positive?
  2. Great advice, if you're looking to populate the community with yes-men.
  3. Sounds like a really bad idea for a powerup.
  4. I was on a few days ago at midnight my time and there were like 12 players in there.
  5. The only way sprint won't break the game is if once a sprinting player is damaged, they immediately stop sprinting and are subject to cooldown. Faster, more powerful metagame would help too. Otherwise forget it. AAs and no-descope are not good for competitive play and never will be, under any circumstances imaginable. (cue the 'omfg st0p bein s0 nar0w-mind3d!!1' bullshit)
  6. Why just pick one? Halo 4 CTF is fucking terrible. Sprint may be the bigger issue, not by much.
  7. People merely going back to older games again wouldn't light a fire. I was talking more about AGL in my post. Why the hell is AGL still bothering with this train wreck of a game? They should just let it die and run one of the other two Halo games still on xbox live.
  8. Because, they're egomaniacs. Every last bit of design they've done on this game reflects the philosophy that the gamers shall only do what the devs want them to do. Bungie was easygoing and only cared about the customers having fun, while 343 is a bunch of control freaks. There's also the fact that coming out with no sprint would mean admitting that they were wrong, which for some reason is on par with death to a lot of people out there. That's the reason CTF hasn't been fixed yet either. 343 = a bunch of menopausal soccer moms. I don't know that much about Quinn's statement about making NS available, but he's fairly new there, right? It's possible he could have just jumped the gun on his own, and 343 never had any intention of making it available. Lastly, going back to what I said about CTF... sprint is pretty fucking bad, but the fact that the sprint debate has absolutely taken over the community while at the same time you all could give a fuck about flag drop and the flagnum makes me lose just a little bit of respect for you people.
  9. Because the people I named off are egomaniacs and don't have a shred of common sense in their bodies? It doesn't make sense for this shit to even make it to the testing stage, but they made it so.
  10. Or, what if the testers did speak up about descope, flagnum, sprint, and whatever else before release, and the powers that be (O'Connor, Franklin, Wolfkill, Holmes) just said 'too bad'?
  11. 4 only worked because you could tap the CE pistol trigger and fire it just as quickly as it would fire at full auto.
  12. So if no sprint is a no go then why the hell are we still bothering with this mess? There's two other infinitely more competitive Halo games still on the xbox live servers, just saying.
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