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  1. What is this great theme that was established by the original trilogy? Aliens slaughtering humans while going after technology? I'm also not understanding why something needs to fit in with the original trilogy when the main enemy of the original trilogy was defeateded. Bungie obviously didn't have a plan for what was supposed to happen after the ending of 3 and even if they did they didn't want to make it instead they wanted to make something completely different. Leaving 343 to take it wherever they choose to take it. You may not agree with where they are taking it but it's not your universe it is theirs, they can do anything that they want with it .
  2. I only played btb in h4 and alot of the same maps would get picked so yeah .. if you say so. I actually liked swordbase.. im sure im in the minority on that one
  3. Ah yeah that was a bit disappointing.. Microsoft needs to hurry and retire the xbox one and make the next one a windows pc for the living room.
  4. I never said they couldn't criticize I did say they were over exaggerating ..
  5. You people are really over exaggerating about the maps.. I don't know if its your nostalgia or what.. they're not perfect sure but they're not that bad either. I also like how some of you make it sound like you could do a better job at making maps . I bet if any of you tried to make some they'd come out looking like... http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/norbit/images/2/2a/Rasputia.png/revision/latest?cb=20100319032519
  6. It'd be hilarious to see your reaction if you're proven wrong
  7. So is there a video or link that validates the claims about theatre mode? I searched in Google but thats useless And I remeber watching one of the campaign streams and one guy that was afk was playing some beta footage that looked like it was recorded from theatre. I don't know.
  8. I'd rather get the ai love hate triangle out of the way first then move onto something different.. hopefully somewhere in the game they explain what happened to her at the end of halo 4 because tbh I never considered her dead especially after replaying halo 4 again. We know she was going rampant, and that after she made the shield that kept john alive she mentioned that pieces of herself got destroyed not all of her. Then she walked away and vanised... that didn't really seem like a death to me she could have merged with the domain after that... But whatever it just needs more explaining and hopefully they explain what happened with her in the game.
  9. Is there a link to theatre mode information? If so share it I'm lazy
  10. do you believe they falsely advertised the 21 multiplayer maps at launch?
  11. So why do people keep mentioning halo 3 like it was the holy grail of halo or something.... that game was the absolute worst halo ever in my opinion even worse than 4 and that was a bad game as well in my opinion but at least I enjoyed 4 enough to reach over 149 matches unlike 3 where I didn't reach 94.... .. I guess after playing cod 1-3 alongside halo ce and 2 3 didn't really suck me in...
  12. Halo 3s maps were built around its boring, sluggish, and simple movement system. Just like the halo 5 maps are built for its movement system. Bash me all you want but halo 5s movement is way interesting than 3s.. couldn't play 100 matches of that trash..

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