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  1. I'm interested to see how KOTH works on Streets once it finally launches.
  2. "Veto for BRs" was literally one of the defining memes of H3. Veto is love. Veto is life.
  3. When did the rebrand of the "Losers' Bracket" to the "Elimination Bracket" happen? Was this a thing in H5?
  4. Feel like that's what eU wanted though—they made sure to keep the ball in A the whole time and maintained Heatwave control the whole game. I expect more polished teams than SS to have a strategy to counter that, but it clearly seemed intentional on eU's end.
  5. Hully has clearly transcended the need for Halo Tracker. His skills cannot be distilled into a mere number.
  6. My favorite thing about r/Halo is moments like this. The righteous indignation over mere cosmetic systems, coupled with the stalwart defense of everything 343 does to modify gameplay, just emphasizes it's a forum for cosplay weebs. They care nothing about this game, only its narrative and the fan fiction they want to play act with their customizable avatars.
  7. Lmfao the post-game scoreboard in observer mode doesn't display death counts? I know the stats are up on the in-game scoreboard but still—what on earth?
  8. That's fair. I think my perspective is that, while they're strong weapons, teams aren't really planning around them, if that makes sense. And I'm not so much sold on the idea that something has to be done, more that I'm just curious how a different weapon on the map would play out. Rockets might be too much, given how confined some of the spaces are on the map. But a Sniper on Recharge could be interesting—there are some decent lines of sight but plenty of spaces to dip into cover and plenty of flanking routes to break a set up.
  9. Since 343 is clearly keeping sprint, it has to make up its mind on the melee system. Game either has to be: A two-melee kill with two BR bursts required to cleanup with a melee; or A three-melee kill. Right now, we're dealing with the default Reach bleedthrough problem: there's no reason to shoot your gun at close quarters since you need to hit three BR shots in order to clean up someone sprinting right at you. No way you can get those off in time at this TTK.
  10. Bazaar truly is terrible. I agree there might be potential for KOTH, but it would hinge on where the side hills are placed. The biggest issue with the map is this weird dichotomy of segmentation and openness—center of the map and the wallwalks are far too open, while the Commando rooms, the atrium rooms (?), and the bases are far too closed. You couldn't really place a side hill on the wallwalks, as they'd be too exposed, and you couldn't really put them in any of the rooms/on flag because the access points are too limited. I think the map just needs to get scrapped once we have a suitable 4v4 forge alternative. I kinda disagree with this. I think its certainly the best flag map available, but I've found the corridors leading out of flag spawn incredibly unintuitive to navigate. The angles for some of the hallways just don't make sense at all and they often turn into nade traps. Still, as it stands, its the best we've got for flag. Agree with this assessment. I also think something is needed to break the A-Spawn to C line of sight. I get why its so open, as I think going for Rockets should be risky and require team coordination. But for Ball, in particular, it makes the base set-ups oppressive. One person can hold the entire lane themselves with the height advantage and continue providing assistance on the two flanking lanes. Recharge is, in my opinion, the best map by far. I commented this in the HCS thread, but I would like to see how it plays with a more consequential power weapon at Sword spawn. As it stands, the Sword is largely ignored—would be interesting to see how the dynamic of the map changes with more emphasis on rotating toward C.
  11. Has to be by design. Coincides too perfectly with the decision to add spread to the unscoped Sniper—343 doesn't want players using Power Weapons outside of their intended purposes or combining them with non-Power Weapons to extend the viable capabilities of the player (in the case of the Sword pulling out so slowly).
  12. Was curious about this. I've been queuing in Open for Ranked (because I'm a masochist) and have been paired with parties of three. Often, one person's mic will work and I can hear their side of the conversation with the rest of their party while the others are totally silent.
  13. What do people think about the weapon/power-up layout for Recharge? I'm finding that the Sword is largely ignored—I feel like spawning a more consequential Power Weapon there might be worth exploring.
  14. Did you change your search settings? You get separate ranks for Solo/Duo Queue and Open Queue, IIRC.
  15. Something about this game—not sure what it is—makes it noticeably difficult to determine where you're getting shot from.
  16. For now: I assume an Infinite-specific thread will be up soon.
  17. Queued up a few games: anyone else having weird network issues? Feels like I'm getting plucked around walls/corners quite a bit. My internet is usually pretty good with shooters, so not sure what's going on . . . .
  18. CS putting up 750K concurrent almost a decade after launch is legitimately insane.
  19. I'm not sure, I've definitely seen a rise in the frequency of videos that are just downvoted to oblivion for no reason whatsoever—like the videos don't express any controversial views or anything. It wouldn't shock me if there's a legitimate basis for this move.
  20. How would you handle shields/health in this scenario?
  21. You weren't kidding with that warning. Sheeeeeesh
  22. Genuinely one of the most enjoyable movie-going experiences I've had in a long, long time. Saw it in IMAX last week—it was phenomenal.
  23. I mean, these were guys I grew up with—played Halo with them online since the H2 days. They've logged plenty of time on Halo and were very much in the "Veto for BRs" crowd. Once CoD4 came out, they all pretty much made the switch.
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