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  1. It absolutely does. If the strafe acceleration in the game is low, you can compensate a bit by bumping up the overall movement speed. Why do you think the competitive settings in H3 and Reach jacked up the movement speed? It wasn't so people could traverse the map quicker, it was to make the strafe more responsive, to give your directional inputs more weight to overcome the higher inertia of the base game. It doesn't solve the underlying problem, but it makes a huge difference. This is clearly not worth continued discussion. You're changing the goalposts on what you're talking about every post you make and you're totally ignoring the connection between strafe acceleration and the responsiveness of a game's movement mechanics. If I push my left stick all the way to the right, both H2 and H3 might process that input at the same time, but the faster acceleration in H2 means that my Spartan will execute––or respond to––my desired input (that being moving at full speed to the right) faster than it would in H3.
  2. ...I don't know what to tell you––I think you're reading a very different thread than everyone else. This is the post you responded to: It was in response to this post that you made: You gotta make up your mind on what you're talking about, otherwise no one is gonna have any clue what you're trying to say. Even when people talk about the "responsiveness" of a game's movement, rather than the movement mechanics generally, strafe acceleration is inherently wrapped up in that discussion. Sure, there's no delay when you hit jump in H3 (at least not to the extent of CE), but there's no way you can say the strafe in default H3 settings feels as responsive as the H2 strafe––its far more sluggish, to the point where the competitive settings had to boost the movement speed to compensate.
  3. H3 feels way slower than H2, but I thought I remember hearing it had more to do with H3's FOV than the actual movement speed and strafe acceleration. Either way, there's a reason why they had to bump up the movement speed for competitive settings in H3.
  4. I think it's fairly universal that CoD4 is the most popular/well regarded game of the CoD series. Maybe BO2 is up there, but MW2 certainly is not. People had fun with it, sure, but basically everyone I've ever talked to about it agrees it was an insanely unbalanced game.
  5. Wasn't it like a known thing that the FFA tournament would produce the "rising stars" back when it was used for seeding the 4v4 tournaments? I could be totally talking out of my ass or misremembering something, but I could have sworn there were a bunch of pros who were "discovered" after impressing in the FFA bracket.
  6. All for it, but only if this is the default Spartan model for Halo: Infinite:
  7. As we all know, the Reese's Puffs rap is canon. It's definitively "Reese-EHS", not "Reese-EES". It rhymes with "pieces", which is pronounced "piece-EHS".
  8. I know far more people who stopped playing Halo because of sprint than I know people who started playing Halo because of sprint. Anecdotal? Yes. But the sales and population stats of the recent games don't really bear out this idea that sprint is a "make or break" feature. The maps just need to be designed well so that people don't feel like it's taking forever to get into action.
  9. Maybe. I was thinking that in certain spots there's like a special hook and you can only ever grapple to those hooks. Continuing with the Ivory Tower/Reflection example, there would be a hook on the second level and a hook on the third level. I could theoretically see it working with a hook on certain places on Ring 3 for Sanc, considering we tolerate jet packs on the map in Reach.
  10. What if there were only certain spots on the map it could work with? Like the lift area of Ivory Tower/Reflection, for example. It would functionally become a Gravity Lift, no? Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer it not be in the game, but this seems like something that a competent developer could feasibly incorporate in a passable manner. 343's track record doesn't make me feel too confident though.
  11. I think once the base movement speed encourages zooming around the map as opposed to strafing it starts to depart from what I think of as "Halo". Up until that point, I say the higher the movement speed (maybe "the crisper the strafe" is the better way to put it), the better. That is my biggest gripe with H5 and advanced mobility. Sure, there is a skill gap in successfully executing the movement mechanics the game provides, but it involves skills that feel foreign to the franchise.
  12. This is the content the Halo community has been begging for. The revival begins today.
  13. Variety is important because it tests players in different situations. Would love to see Penance replaced with a room-based asym that better fits Reach's gameplay, but we all know there's no chance of that happening. I guess it's not too big of a concern for a game that won't be around for more than a year.
  14. Gotcha––I don't think anyone disagrees with that: weapons on the map obviously need to be powerful enough in a given situation to warrant picking up. Your previous posts made it seem like you were blaming the utility weapon for the lack of incentive to pick up a weapon, rather than the lack of power in the niche weapons.
  15. I was trying to type out a more-thorough response, but I'm genuinely confused about what you're getting at. Let me know if this is even marginally addressing your point: No one (well, maybe not no one) is disagreeing that people want variety in weapons. Weapon variety is not incompatible with a powerful utility weapon off spawn. We've seen it work in at least one Halo game, and it is a fairly simple thing to implement into the other titles with tweaks to the existing weapons, as the GPMA guys have demonstrated. Spawning players with a shitty weapon doesn't create weapon variety if the rest of the sandbox is equally as bad. All you're doing is introducing an extra step of having to find the dominant weapon on the map. No one picks up plasma weapons in Reach, even with AR starts, because they are bad. Sure, you now may have to use your AR to get a DMR, but you're still not picking up other weapons on the map. Turning the game into a race for the DMRs is not weapon variety and it's certainly not a model to build off of for Infinite.

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