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  1. Are they going to explain the Banished in the campaign or are they just going to assume everyone has played HW:2? I assume there has to be some in-universe exposition to explain them to Chief at the very least, no?
  2. I can respect people who want a non-transactional route to unlock cosmetic items. But most of the people you see complaining don't want to be bothered with a grind-based or challenge-based system—no one actually wants to earn anything, which ultimately makes these cosmetics little more than dress-up features.
  3. The BR's kill time, while not ideal, would be tolerable if not for the excessive aim assist on the weapon. There's just little "outplayability" there. That being said, I think Infinite's strafe prevents this from being as bad as H2A. You can at least attempt to avoid shots in Infinite, which is not something you could say about H2A.
  4. The charms look pretty good tbh. I think shit like Pizza works as a charm but not as a skin—way too ridiculous as a weapon camo.
  5. I miss the @Arlong days. The profile picture made it way easier to visually screen for (and/or out) his posts.
  6. Just an effuse "Bro, I don't like the pistol fights. At all."
  7. The hero we deserve: Surprised I don't see this quoted more often—literally straight from the horse's mouth.
  8. Dammit @Shekkles you've sent me on a r/Halo doom scroll. . . . I think the "AR is gud" crowd wants the BR restricted to a cross-map role—they genuinely appear to not want a BR wielders to win engagements against AR wielders when hip-firing.
  9. Post is deserving of far more traction than 3 comments.
  10. I'm so tired of cluttered maps. I continually get stuck on random crates and boxes and ledges when trying to maneuver in gun fights.
  11. They are literally incapable of making small maps.
  12. I guess I'm the only one who didn't notice anything off with the strafe speed. Maybe my AR bullet-hose skills are just too good
  13. Your "fireteam" may have a separate UI color.
  14. In a social context, I totally agree—easiest way to stop betrayals for power weapons is to turn off friendly fire. But in competitive settings, you should need to factor in the consequences your actions could have on your teammates.
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