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  1. I get this sentiment, I really do. The bones are there—I genuinely think the Magnum is the best utility weapon we've had since CE (if you control for button combos in H2). But every time I pick the game back up, I am reminded how destructive Spartan Abilities are to the overall game. I just can't respect the "MOveMEnT" skill gap enough to believe Spartan Abilities don't make the game far, far worse than H3, even with all of H3's flaws.
  2. If he could string together coherent sentences, maybe it'd be worth it.
  3. You guys should stop feeding the troll. It's very tiring and he actually leaves when no one responds to him.
  4. I don't think he did a bad job, but the distortions 343 did to his voice to make it sound . . . idk, electronicy? Those were awful.
  5. What Infinite really needs to do is bring back the classic Steitzer voice. H4/5 vocals were terrible.
  6. I could be wrong, but I think it was two less: Base Damage = 12 bullets to kill; MLG Settings = 10 bullets to kill. Either way, the principle was the same: maintain the minimum TTK while mitigating a bit of the randomness that could result from the spread.
  7. If there's one thing that 343 has actually done correctly, it's utility weapons that fire straight (or, at least have some semblance of a predictable recoil pattern in the case of the H4 BR). The gimpy-ness of the utility won't come from random spread, it'll come from an absurd TTK.
  8. If we view this abstractly, i.e., we ignore all other factors beyond kill time itself, I think too large of a chasm between the minimum and average kill time could risk rendering sub-average kill times the result of luck or chance—something we definitely don't want. However, I think this risk is eminently controllable once you factor in the number of shots needed to kill. The more shots required to kill, the lower the risk that the "perfect" kill—or even a sub-average number of shots to kill—was a result of sheer chance.** That, however, raises a separate question: how many shots to kill is too many shots to kill? Obviously, if too many shots are required, team shooting becomes the only viable strategy, which—as we are all too familiar with—makes the game boring as fuck. Ultimately, I think this is where the real debate lies once you accept the premise that the minimum TTK should be quite low while the average TTK should be quite high. My personal belief is that a 4sk is the sweet spot for number of shots. I have no actual basis for this belief beyond me thinking, every time I nail a 3sk in HCE, "Damn, that felt pretty lucky" (note, though: I am bad at the game). Meanwhile, the 5sk in Reach and H5 seems like it drags on too long. I'm sure someone could develop a more objective analysis of this, though, and I'd be fine accepting it if it makes sense no matter what the outcome is. TLDR: We definitely want to maximize the gap between minimum TTK and the average TTK, but if the gap is too large, it could render many sub-average kill times the result of chance. We can control for this with a separate variable: number of shots required to kill. The question becomes, numerically, how many shots to kill strikes the ideal balance between avoiding luck and preventing team shooting as the only viable strategy? ___________________________ **Adding a footnote here just to note that a high number of shots to kill does not necessarily mean that the minimum TTK will be "too long." You could have a 5sk utility that kills in 1 second flat. So when I talk here about the number of shots being a separate variable from TTK, I am assuming that the intervals between shots can be optimized to provide a low TTK from a time perspective.
  9. Yep. Game has been crashing a ton for me since the update.
  10. I mean, yeah, the reticule is definitely too big. But there's still something up with the Pistol—it doesn't behave this way in the original. My shot is nothing fantastic, but I've never experienced prolonged battles where neither party hits the final headshot for like 8 straight shots. Literally reminds me of that infamous Snipedown clip from Reach sometimes. I can look the other way here because it's just nice to have an online CE option, but I'd be ecstatic if 343 could resolve the issue.
  11. I, for one, enjoy the thrill that comes with never knowing exactly how the Pistol is going to work in a given game.
  12. The broken sentence structure is a dead giveaway.
  13. I think there's room for a passive information system in social settings, especially if you view social settings—as I do—as designed to provide a relaxed version of the base competitive game. A very underrated element of radar settings is that you can play the game effectively without having to leave your Party Chat/Discord. I know people like to bemoan the decline of Game Chat, which I get in the context of Ranked/Competitive settings, but when I hop on Xbox these days I'm usually exhausted and just want to be zonked out and chill with my friends; I don't want to have to talk to teenagers or, god forbid, pre-teens just to not get destroyed in a game mode where I really don't care about the outcome anyway. That said, I don't think radar is the best iteration of a passive information system. A passive system can still be designed such that it only rewards active behavior. A system could, for example, ping your teammates' radar for as long as the enemy remains within a certain distance of your reticule. Or it could only ping teammates once you've landed a certain number of shots on an enemy. I'm not a design guru, but anything really that can help provide a stand in for call outs in social settings would work—it would certainly keep people like me playing, where as if I'm confined to no passive info settings at all times, I will probably not play the game when I'm not in the mood to really focus on winning/sweating it out.
  14. I don't disagree that projectile is better than hitscan. I'm just saying that a more important reason for why the H5 CE pistol was a disaster was the aim assist/bullet magnetism than the hitscan. Perhaps I didn't word that so clearly. Ideal world, we reduce those and use projectile bullets.
  15. Hitscan isn't the issue so much as the forgiving aim assist and bullet magnetism that plagues H5 and the later Halos. CS is hitscan, and there are no issues in that game.
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