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  1. Just throw in a custom-games option to disable visual weapon/power-up timers so tournament settings don't need to include them and I think you satisfy all interests.
  2. I don't see smoke grenades having any tangible use other than annoyance in Halo. The game is too fluid for them to provide utility outside of extremely niche scenarios. Sure, you may be able to block a sight line for a flag run, but are you really going to go out of your way to secure smoke grenades for that one niche purpose? Probably not.
  3. "Flood Spore Cloud". Boom, it fits the lore.
  4. Finally got around to playing The Last of Us. Genuinely don't get the hype. It was a good game but nowhere near the "transformative storytelling experience" everyone claims it to be.
  5. See, this is a tailored argument. I just want to note that my problem here (and really with most of your arguments) is not with the point you're actually trying to make but with how you make it. Avoid the appeals to popularity and try to narrow in on the actual argument the other person is making—it's far more persuasive that way. As for the actual substance: what if the spread pattern is static though? Earlier you mentioned one of the core issues with the Halo shotgun is its inconsistency when firing the exact same way. If the spread pattern is more aggressive, but static, you don't run into that issue.
  6. No one is disputing the fact that the Quake shotgun loses effectiveness once people acquire armor. What people are saying is that the actual mechanics of the gun—i.e., the fact that it (i) requires every pellet to connect for a kill and (ii) has a far more aggressive spread pattern—make it a viable remedy to the problems that plague Halo's shotguns. No one is "ignoring other factors"—they're looking at the factors that matter in the Halo context. It seems like you're the one doing the ignoring—you're dismissing the actual mechanics of the gun without addressing why those attributes wouldn't work in a Halo context. If you care to enlighten us on how a less forgiving damage rate and a more aggressive spread pattern would create "another version of h5s shotty", please tell us.
  7. Explain why the time-frame in which the game was released has any bearing on the merits of the mechanic itself. This is literally the trap 343 has fallen into—only looking at what is popular for inspiration rather than thinking, abstractly, about how to make the game better. If a mechanic makes the game better and is popular, great! But forgoing good mechanics because they come from "a game that people have[n't] played within the past 3 years" is terrible logic. Edit: And just to head off the vague "popularity is important" re-emphasis I'm sure you're going to throw out—please explain how the shotgun mechanics of Quake have any bearing on the popularity of the game. Achieving popularity is undoubtedly important, but this is a chicken and the egg issue. How do you get popular? It's not just about adopting mechanics from popular games—H4 and H5 have shown us that that is not enough. What matters far more is making a good game. Good Game --> Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics -/-> Good Game
  8. I understand that, but we're talking about the shotgun here.
  9. Why does literally everything revolve around popularity to you? Even for something as minor as the shotgun mechanics. You're like a walking argumentum ad populum fallacy. You think any H5 HWC viewer would decide to stop watching because its shotgun didn't perform like the shotguns in CoD or Apex?
  10. This in no way substantively addresses his point.
  11. It's a quasi-power weapon. Why shouldn't it be a zero-effort kill in close quarters? You just need to make sure the damage drop off over distance is considerable so it's not overpowering at mid-range.
  12. It's impossible to tell what the multiplayer will look like based on that video.
  13. It fixed some of the complaints, but it failed to address the fundamental fact that the ability is broken and had no place in even a casual multiplayer setting. Even though you can now bump a user out of Armor Lock a little faster, its only functional use in a 4v4 setting is still to weasel out of losing battles. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, I know who played Reach despised Armor Lock and would only use it ironically or to be a complete shitter. I mean, not really. Game developers are more than willing to remove game-breaking/annoying features from matchmaking after launch. Hell, Bungie removed the Deployable Cover equipment because it was being abused and removed Flares and Firebomb Grenades because they caused latency issues. There's no reason why Bungie/343 couldn't have limited Armor Lock to BTB/Invasion in matchmaking; it had no place in game modes without vehicles.
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