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  1. Word to the wise: don't treat speculation that comes from a video of a grown adult waving around a plastic energy sword as anything reputable/reliable.
  2. It's also a feature that gives those who spend money on better equipment an advantage. This is obviously not a dispositive reason for not including footstep noise, but something to consider. Footstep noise has its place in slower, methodical games like CS—the stagnating effects of footstep noise bolster that type of gameplay. Halo, conversely, excels when gameplay is fast-paced and fluid. Footstep detracts from this component of Halo since it encourages players to slow down. Maybe, maybe, if there was a "walk" feature in Halo that keeps you silent in exchange for a movement speed thats slower than base but faster than crouch walking, it could work better; however, I don't really think our abstract idea of "Halo" gains anything from that feature.
  3. There's no such thing as a "free" flank. You put your team at a man-disadvantage and risk getting caught out of position—it's the definition of a high risk/high reward play. The only possible way you could construe something as a "free" flank is if you're using the term to criticize the opposing team for their lack of awareness.
  4. If you're framing lack of footstep noise as a crutch for the flanking player, you're out of your mind. I think there's room for some proximity noise, but it's undoubtedly a crutch for the non-flanking player. The game is literally rewarding you with information even though you aren't monitoring your back.
  5. I don't think it's that complicated: radar objectively makes the game easier to play. I truly don't think taking radar out of the game for competitive settings will have any appreciable impact on how the broader Halo community views competition settings. If you're tweaking it to maintain setting consistency across social and competitive settings, you're putting too much effort into it. Just remove it from competitive settings entirely—there's no point in compromising on this.
  6. How do you feel about Clamber altering the player model, now that it's confirmed Clamber is in the game? It seems like something that intuitively has to alter the player model if 343 wants the animations to make sense.
  7. This is a great point. I think helmets, since helmets are the most distinctive feature of the Spartan model, should be limited to a select few. 343 can go crazy with shoulder pads, chest pieces, shin guards, skins, etc. That seems to be a good way to strike a balance between ultimate customization and preserving the significance of a piece of armor.
  8. Why are you trying to have serious conversations on a circle jerk subreddit? lol The entire point of those subreddits is to be obnoxious.
  9. It's just a boring-ass map—literally two rings stacked on top of each other. Nothing bad per se, but nothing interesting either.
  10. Bro, you literally posted this on Monday:
  11. Not sure how similarly housing policy works in European/Oceanic countries—I'd imagine developers deal with NIMBYism everywhere—but the level of local control over development projects in the U.S. is comical. "Land of the Free", so long as what you plan to build on your own property does not "disrupt the character of the neighborhood." California literally had to pass a law that permits the state to override local zoning restrictions because cities/municipalities in the Bay Area and Southern California block virtually any forms of development that could alleviate inflationary pressure on housing prices and rent. Even Manhattan suffers from this to a certain extent, despite the more-obvious spatial limitations. If you think about how high rent is in lower Manhattan, it's kinda nuts how low-rise the buildings are in neighborhoods like West/Greenwich/East Village and the Lower East Side. Often the best developers can do around here is gut pre-WWII tenements and make them hospitable for life in the 21st Century. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. How do we all think Cortana will be weaved into this storyline for Infinite?
  12. Can't speak to the prevailing sentiment directly, as I hadn't played any CoD game after Black Ops 2 until last fall, but I have friends who are very into Call of Duty and they absolutely love MW. The explanation I have gotten is that it feels like a CoD game, where as the last few iterations did not. To me, the game feels a bit janky, but it's not really my place to opine about what makes a "good" CoD game.
  13. I mean, I agree, but I am not sure where you're quoting me from.
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