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  1. Thought the post was absurd enough on its face for this forum that it didn't warrant a /s tag–my mistake. But, that was a legitimate from r/Halo:
  2. Clearly you guys just don't understand game mechanics. The AR is balanced as a melee-enhancing weapon. You spray an enemy and by the time you're in melee lunge range he's either dead or low enough to be killed by a melee. Of course you're not going to get cross-map kills with it. You're not even supposed to consistently reliably get cross-map kills with the DMR. Halo is, has, and always will be a mid- to short-range combat game. The competitive playlists like swat and hardcore are there for people who DON'T like the mid to short-range gameplay of ARs and vehicles. But it's not supposed to be the default. Learn your mechanics.
  3. Sooo what's the consensus on Halo 5? Essentially, should I forgo food for a week and shell out the $60 for it, or should I reserve that effort for Fallout?
  4. 6 v. 5 on Lockdown Slayer. This game is so much fun
  5. Am I the only one who has to quit out every other game because it freezes in the post-match loading screen?
  6. I'd have absolutely no problem with this either. The potential benefit of in-game timers rests purely with the casual or less-informed population, meaning it's more important to have them in social playlists anyway. If 343 provides us with a way to turn off timers, I don't think it would make competitive settings drastically different from the default game to the point where potential players are put off by the difference.
  7. The Halo 5 Beta footage revealed the current build has in-game weapon timers set in place. See the bottom right of the gif below or visit this link. I've seen many posts decrying this as another example of 343 ruining the game, but I'd like to argue this is the best addition 343 has ever made to Halo. As members of a competitive subcommunity, we often forget how much more informed we are than the rest of the player base. We all know that power weapons spawn at regular intervals in consistent locations (except for Halo 4, but that game can go fuck itself), and we know to plan our movements and strategies around this. However, the vast majority of Halo players are unaware of this concept. I have friends who have been playing Halo since 2004 who were shocked to learn you could time power weapons when I introduced them to the MLG playlists in Halo 3 and Halo Reach. To them, power weapons were items you rushed for at the beginning of the game or - if you were lucky - stumble upon later in the match. This in-game timer has the potential to teach the player base - on a massive scale - essentially how to play Halo. Yes, it removes the skill of memorizing weapon timers and locations, but it puts further emphasis on strategy and map control - two traits that are far better judges of overall skill and talent. Halo, in its current form - is basically a race in which 90% of the runners don't know what direction to run. You can't fairly decide that Usain Bolt is the fastest man on Earth if he's the only one who knows to run forward. The same goes for Halo. We can't truly decide what team is better unless both teams know to plan and strategize obtaining power weapons. Think of the potential for community growth: players, previously unaware of how to play the game, will gain an appreciation for the skill and strategy of obtaining and using power weapons. They'll learn what works and what doesn't through trial and error, until their progression requires further research through watching top level gameplay, participating in forum discussions, etc. This is how our community grows, in a hyperbolic and idealistic sort of way. One caveat though - anything that informs players when a weapon is picked up and which team has it is a shitty idea. It gives away the location of the opponent and should be removed immediately. Feel free to convince me otherwise and tell me I'm bad (because I am).
  8. I hated every minute of that video. I was watching a completely unrecognizable game. I'll try the beta and hopefully I'll change my mind, but it looks really, really bad.
  9. We've been over this countless times. Removing sprint from competitive settings isolates the competitive community from everyone else, leaving no room for growth. I would say most of us took your position leading up to Halo 4. Now, none of us really give a shit since it clearly didn't work.
  10. I feel you on this. My roommate already has an xboner so I lucked out and only have to get the game. I definitely wouldn't be spending the cash on both.
  11. I wouldn't say they're terrible, just horribly overrated. Case and point: The Pit - Not a terrible map, just not nearly as good as everyone seems to think.

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