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  1. It would be fucking hilarious if that became the meta for the game lol
  2. and I thought I was a youngin for these parts at 26
  3. Holy shit—19:15: They're for sure about to let you backpack the flag
  4. Grapple is one of those things that I bet 343 envisions being an offensive piece of equipment when, in actuality, people will use it primarily as an escape mechanism. I can see people using them as offensive tools in BTB to board flying vehicles, but that's pretty much the only scenario I can envision consistent offensive use.
  5. Idk why they continue to butcher Steitzer's voice. The pivot from the monotonous tone to this quasi-muted yell ("Flag Captured." vs. "FLAG CAPTURED!") is so bizarre to me.
  6. https://youtube.com/clip/UgxoM8MVk1L68O4qv-Z4AaABCQ
  7. I don't think anyone really thought Sprint would be out; just collectively expressing the frustration of 343's insistence on the mechanic. I think they'd really just need to nail the maps if Sprint is still in for me to play. There have been some custom maps I played in H5 that were fun to play on that really put the effort into accommodating Sprint properly. The problem is I don't see 343 doing that at all.
  8. Having the power to shoot while sprinting could theoretically be an improvement but it would totally defeat the "point" of sprint. Why require us to press a button at that point to move at full speed?
  9. His own clips totally defeat his point: he has to mash 18 million different buttons like a cracked out teenager with ADHD just to achieve the same traversal speed we used to be able to achieve by literally walking.
  10. I've always had a sneaking suspicion that 343's heavy advertising of Breakout is largely responsible for the whole "343 designed H5 with competitive players in mind" sentiment you see elsewhere. People who had never played Halo competitively or even watched competitive Halo saw Breakout and thought "Search & Destroy—thats the competitive mode in CoD! Wow, 343 is really looking out for competitive players this time around." To their credit, 343 invested a lot in HCS. But that investment alone isn't enough to convince a whole swath of people that the actual game was designed with competitive play in mind. Maybe I'm giving people too much credit though.
  11. Wouldn't really group CS and CoD together. Chess to checkers, yada yada, etc. etc.
  12. The industry is literally filled with writers who are using that as their source of income while they work on the side projects (be it for film, television, print, etc.) that they're actually passionate about. Writing for video games seems to be the equivalent of being an extra for an episode of Law & Order in the acting world. I'm sure it varies a bit depending on who you work for, but that's the sense I get from those I know in the writing industry.
  13. Yeah man. You can look all of this stuff up—this is literally the top Google link when you search "Legend MLG Halo Player": https://halo-esports.fandom.com/wiki/Legend
  14. Nope, same name as far as I'm aware. He placed second with that Classic team at Meadowlands 08.
  15. Legend was a pro H3 player in 08/09. He was on the first Classic team; played with Gandhi and Best Man on Legendz
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