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  1. thanks. I quit melee for 2 years and was playing marvel competitively during that time. Dante all day
  2. Do it man. (Sorry for the triple post) I don't know how to multiquote cuz i'm a scrub
  3. Thanks man you should check out some of the tournaments in Toronto if you play. We have a arcadian this saturday and its 100+ pre reg'd already
  4. If you guys are bored check out my combo video : ) It's not on youtube cuz the song got copyrighted rip https://www.dropbox.com/s/zsvuwr0rvkjcbt4/6%20God%20Nightmare%20-%20Marth%20Combo%20Video.wmv?dl=0
  5. your boy made #1 on GRSmash tho. What a time to be alive
  6. lol it's probably because Falco is my secondary.
  7. lol thanks. Just felt it and went for it
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/3vxtao/dair_dair_dair_gfycat/ cool combo I got
  9. I have Canada Cup this weekend.. PPMD is coming, but sadly the tournament was advertised terribly for melee/smash4 so not a lot of entrants + top players from the states. Kirbykaze, The Moon, DJ Nintendo, Ryan Ford, Toph, IB and some others will be there though. If I end up playing PP i'm going to try and break his shield kreygasm
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