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  1. So? It doesn't have to be a stipend on the level of the LCS.
  2. I like the idea of players hosting the channel too so we can talk in their chat if they wish
  3. Honestly, they've been playing well for being off the practice grind and a new 4th
  4. Are you saying that every team should have a main 4 + 1 backup on the roster at all times?
  5. Pretty much. They've been using it at events since Regionals I think? I don't think they believe the release to be stable enough for general use though
  6. It's alright bro... that's the worst part about not being physically with your team when practicing
  7. This man has some NADS Hopefully you can get on a roster worthy of your talent
  8. Well the difference is that these are random seeds, pro sports tend to have seeds.
  9. http://oddshot.tv/shot/walshy-2016051745627583 Walshy saying they almost had a FB reunion @ gamers for giving............. Why do you need to tell us this man why Now I want to know what it could've been
  10. It could be a separate purchase but it was free if you had MCC. Nightfall was your typical scifi channel flick... but I did still enjoy it I really feel like Halo 5's story gets more hate than it deserves... I actually like it more as time passes. The warden fights were unneeded though
  11. How much did Bungie pay you to say this @lxthul http://oddshot.tv/shot/lxthul-2016051683923155
  12. I just think as a fan, I would rather see all three teams in
  13. I mean there is already a lot of audio cues for if someone is sprinting and thrusting, and the radar range is already severely limited. The main object is to just prevent crouching in corners with autos
  14. I know it is for only 10 days, but when they replace a playlist OUT OF NOWHERE (one of the most popular ones out of that) makes for a lot of unhappy people, especially those interested in competing and practicing for the online last chance qualifiers. It's really frustrating when they make it so the only way you can play the current gametypes is in customs.
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