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  1. Let's face it, at this point having a pro league without a live spectator setting is unacceptable
  2. Hopefully he does... as much as some people who visit the forums would had to admit, cratos is an entertaining person.
  3. Taking away everyone's freedom of speech on July 4th? Ninja confirmed to be unpatriotic
  4. You're not even the real frosty to begin with :\ Thank spartan may have been right when he called you a fake then? Am I right?
  5. https://twitter.com/LiquidSpartan/status/749363914027180032
  6. https://oddshot.tv/shot/Halo/Uzp_oYyh_oZMjpySdmmlEmy2 oh my rammy.
  7. They made it so higher CSR players were able to find games easier. CSR has no upper limit, so. However, if a team of 4 Champs (3k~ CSR) faces a team of 4 1700 ONYX CSR, the champs will only get +1 and the onyx players will only get -1. Players with close CSR numbers will lose/gain more. You lose 30 CSR per DC/Quit
  8. I've had my elite break out of warranty too (The LB) and had it replaced a the MS Store (I bought it from their site)
  9. I think they're perfectly fine. It is only a button relocation, It's not like it is a pre-programmed combo in a KI game or a perfectly time RRX in Halo 2. One input = one output
  10. https://oddshot.tv/shot/Halo/UzpV3Ir1V3JDnI78BZxQdcMF UHHH
  11. I made lxthul some stream highlights and he refuses to upload it to his channel because he's lazy so give me views so that he says "WTF I CAN MAKE MONEY FROM VIEWS" and maybe will decide to stop being lazy run on sentences I know idc,... PRO LEAGUE
  12. @@TiberiusAudley Just a thought I have had... remember how you said you have had difficulty finding films to bookmark in relation to the official HCS Pro League accounts? I wonder if this ties in with the spectate abilities they've had in the pro league...
  13. Is APG the first player to ever play against and beat his own Org at an officially sanctioned event?
  14. They reallllllllly need to work on the observer mode implementation... this is getting to be unacceptable
  15. Even as a "hardcore" viewer and player I still enjoy the variety
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