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  1. Watch the end of Towey's episode, they both say they want to compete still. Lunchbox said until he feels like a detriment he'll play
  2. 10 teams, have top 8 teams be in the tourney and have the bottom two go to relegation and hold relegation until after the season so that teams may make team changes and not get screwed over with the two players/manager rules controlling the roster
  3. Commonly Suspector is the problem as of 30JUL16 04:53 EST
  4. ICYMI: Towey's newest episode is out (It's great and gives insight into Roy + LBox's future Halo careers)
  5. Meanwhile at CLG HQ... https://oddshot.tv/shot/Lxthul/Uzq-oRii-oRNG72uLY6v9pcK
  6. A mixture of both... I am pretty sure their morale went straight to nothing after last week
  7. LMAOOO https://oddshot.tv/shot/Halo/Uzr4UBaP4UBABIeVPJgVWPoU
  8. On another note... does anyone think if liquid sticks together they could be a top 4 team? They're playing like a whole new team since the Spartan meltdown
  9. Roy hasn't played for like a week.. It's pretty depressing :\
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