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  1. There is a difference between changing a starting loading and balancing classes in a game such as Overwatch or LoL... I don't know why you're trying to draw blood from a stone
  2. I was 12 at the time so some of it slips my memory but edited it in
  3. H:CE - NO Updates H2 - One major update changing melee and grenade damage (and br spread reduction) thx @@GunRanger H3 - Can't recall any updates other than MLG weapon placement SSBM: I think they fixed bugs but the game has been out for 15 years and garnishes 100k+ views... Not sure if UT/Quake ever had patches or balances but I'm not sure how often they rolled around CS 1.7 patches... but I doubt it was often. CoD has the occasional weapon nerfs. The idea of "THERE SHOULD BE PICKS AND BANS" "CONSTANTLY CHANGE THE META" is something not everyone is a fan of.
  4. Games like Overwatch have had more gameplay changes in a month than Halo 5 has had in 10. I don't understand. Halo is a Arena shooter, not a class based game
  5. Still somewhat flabbergasted on why they'd drop str8 sick... who do they expect to pick up?
  6. The way H5 plays two snipes would most likely end up with one team having both almost immediately
  7. Ryanoob, heinz,or str8 sick, not because they're bad players I think they're all really good, just that the way the "keeping two players for an org" thing works make it seem like they'd be the odd men out. Not implying Naded would be joining OpTic in any capacity though, the str8 sick move would be a response to a move by another team.
  8. I will say one thing, @@W0uld brings out green usernames in droves
  9. Honestly you should just upload scrims to YT, EZ (REAL) content, just timestamp the games. Or have a mod in your stream do it IDFK.
  10. The post is foreshadowing the remainder of your Halo career... falling down
  11. https://twitter.com/masoncobb/status/762133608140156928 Not a cool comment in any regard, especially considering he is just starting and learning... Like you're going to just go and shit on someone actually trying lol? Look at Nadeshot's first "VLOG"
  12. I mean they technically did team before Commonly was poached
  13. Is it just me or is it weird that players aren't being shady about teams? Or is the lack of shade the true shade?
  14. That was because Fomal's contract with CoD disallowed him to compete within other sanctioned esports
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