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  1. I'd say my views align similarly. I don't mind the AR up close... but the bullet cone should be MUCH larger when firing from a distance. Too many instances have I "sniped" someone. The storm rifle should become a weapon you can't just spam shoot around corners, and the SMG should be a weapon that spawns on a pad for crying out loud lol
  2. @@LethuL LOSES IT https://clips.twitch.tv/lxthul/DelightfulSardinePraiseIt
  3. having a non-live spectator certainly doesn't help between game times
  4. Stellur is one of the quietest dudes on social media so if he comes to TB and makes a post of that nature, there is something seriously wrong. I'm not sure how many people here have watched any OpTic Vlogs etc but when he was asked to join RNG right before the X-Games roster lock he showed FS, Maniac, and Assault the message as soon as he was invited to join the team. I don''t think he really wanted to leave OpTic (he seems pretty loyal) but I'm sure there was some coaxing for him to do it as OpTic obviously wasn't in the best position. Just something to keep in mind about this scenario
  5. BRB Getting contract drafted within 5 hours of pro league roster lock
  6. Great video, but is there any chance you could have the team logo and player names be translucent and highlight the player name you're viewing? The really small viewing % area is kinda distracting
  7. Seems like Flamesword is intent on playing in the challenger cups, curious as to with he will run
  8. I've never really grinded gears of way but I will 1000% be playing it over Halo 5 as my main game if MM issues and constant map "unbalancing" are constantly occurring. I'm sick of 4 v 1+1+1+1
  9. I wouldn't say as much but we all shared our sentiments on how he did a great job even just solo commentating over challenger league games
  10. Then this: Maniac says he is comfortable with their options FORMAL?!?!!? https://oddshot.tv/shot/OpTicGaming/Uzr6E0h36E1OoKdU6PRe6h6F
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