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  1. Glitch Spawn on the map "Summit" in Warzone
  2. I don't think REQ $$ should be only used to fund the championship either, using it to host more regular tournaments with high prizes would be nice too. Maybe they could do something like they did with h4 and give prizes to those who get uber high scores etc?
  3. The radar adds a lot of chasing in circles and people crabwalking with ARs
  4. UNLEGIT Pretty much confirmed to be going to liquid: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/teamliquid
  5. true... one xbox and a cap card vs setting up 8 capture cards and having powerful enough hardware to process it all etc. Hopefully they adjust spec. mode so you can have a camerman in game, maybe have something like the monitor from forge be present but be invisible to all players you could switch out of to get a map camera/between players?
  6. It's like a minute behind and the reticule isn't on but it can help with map movement/spawn prediction
  7. Ace offers lessons. " If you need any tips don't hesitate to ask! I also do lessons if you're interested let me know." <- From his bio https://twitter.com/MLGACE http://www.twitch.tv/aaceee
  8. They got $$$, Ninja was talking about how even if nV didn't buy out his contract at that point they would have sat him out because "he wouldn't want to be on the team."
  9. There is no way to play MP on LAN, which I was referring to, hence it lacking functionality
  10. https://twitter.com/LiquidChig/status/647588913658359808 Doesn't seem likely
  11. That's what I'm saying. MS just chose not to have it, It's not 343i's fault
  12. The XB1 doesn't have LAN functionality, which you can't blame on 343. In the GoW4 article they say they hope to push it to MS to allow it. Yes, I hope there is LAN eventually but as it stands it doesn't seem possible with console hardware/software and not something you can attack 343i over, as much as I would love to
  13. Because the team he is going to join is stronger than the one he is on now. And Ninja doesn't appear to have his heart set in halo with all the twitch H1Z1 money he is getting
  14. Anyone from the Worcester area?
  15. I have the Locke version and it feels the same as my old controller
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