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  1. So I just read the last few pages and from an outside perspective I can understand how it might not seem like what we do is very stressful or that I personally am very stressed out right now but for the love of God I've never been this stressed in my entire life including worlds last year and I can't explain why to anybody here yet except for a very select few people who might possibly know what I'm referencing right now and I already vlogged all of it but I can't release anything because my entire situation is still ongoing so in conclusion enjoy this extremely vague and ambiguous unhelpful one sentence forum post and I hope you all enjoy this hurricane we are currently trapped in.

    We all love you Towey and hope that it all works out well for you :)

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  2. Seasonal 1-50? Im not really into the seasonal resets but would snap take this over the ranking system implemented now. This seems like a good compromise. Not that i believe this is something 343 will spend anytime on improving anyways. Seems like it would be quite low on the "to do' list

    A seasonal 1-50 would be horrible, at least the current system retains where you are even if a cap is assigned. 

  3. Halo 5 ranking system is the worst system we have ever had. I can rarely tell a difference between platinum diamond and onyx players. Its just put people in random brackets. Sometimes the game thinks I am a high diamond sometimes it thinks I am a low platinum. I always have ended up onyx so the system is busted. 1-50 is best for Halo. I could see a big difference when I played lvl 20 30 or 40 ranked players. In H5 I see gold lvl accounts destroying people because the game put them in the wrong bracket. Plus I have always wondered how the game calculates a rank. Dose it take into account running the flag or playing the objective? I dont see how it could. There are so many factors that go into winning a game for a team that I dont see how a game judging you could ever work like it should. 

    I can tell a HUGE difference between plat/diamond/onyx player.  I wouldn't put much thought into where you are placed... I've never had an issue solo playing to at least mid onyx. If anything capping skill at "50" rather than a changing elo ranking makes 50 more arbitrary than everything

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  4. As it stands, Halo 5 is currently the 18th most played game on the XBL marketplace. 


    My optimism is fading.


    So many things went wrong from launch. 


    No real BTB maps, no launch social playlists, no forge at launch, tremendous server issues, and laziness when it came to customization doomed Halo 5 from the get go. The fact that Madden 16 is at 19th most played should send a message. Fallout 4 has more players. CoD BO3, IW, MWR all each have more players. Rocket league has more players. GoW4 has more players.


    I don't even want to know how few people play H5 PC anymore.


    Oh well. At least I enjoyed the glory years. 

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