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  1. So, the real question is, if you were to pause the game between deaths will the movement be more consistent as many claim it to be? Or is the ritual of mapping START to your elite controller fruitless.
  2. I hope that next event 343 allows players to have for unique tags. I don't feel as connected to players otherwise... matches feel like they don't hold as much weight.
  3. We all love you Towey and hope that it all works out well for you
  4. If Ola never broken his hand none of this would have happened either
  5. A seasonal 1-50 would be horrible, at least the current system retains where you are even if a cap is assigned.
  6. I can tell a HUGE difference between plat/diamond/onyx player. I wouldn't put much thought into where you are placed... I've never had an issue solo playing to at least mid onyx. If anything capping skill at "50" rather than a changing elo ranking makes 50 more arbitrary than everything
  7. I think youtube is a much better platform when it comes to the media player; twitch is anything but seamless.
  8. It honestly is. The mouse movement feels incredibly janky, whereas the controller feels like a godsend. I was perfecting everything and one when I was using a controller. It was astounding how different controller on console vs PC felt.
  9. Not to mention Spartan is also nocturnal... It could definitely
  10. with OpTic* Now he is only going to get rekt in the Octagon instead of both.
  11. Lxthul didn't go to Vegas because he knows MOSE will destroy him in game and in the octagon
  12. I feel like if everyone on that roster played Halo as much as players from other orgs did they would be blowing teams out
  13. As it stands, Halo 5 is currently the 18th most played game on the XBL marketplace. My optimism is fading. So many things went wrong from launch. No real BTB maps, no launch social playlists, no forge at launch, tremendous server issues, and laziness when it came to customization doomed Halo 5 from the get go. The fact that Madden 16 is at 19th most played should send a message. Fallout 4 has more players. CoD BO3, IW, MWR all each have more players. Rocket league has more players. GoW4 has more players. I don't even want to know how few people play H5 PC anymore. Oh well. At least I enjoyed the glory years.
  14. I like the storm rifle more because at long ranges at least it is a projectile, make the overheat time quicker and it would be a great weapon IMO.
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