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  1. Feelings towards assault being a quick planting, high scoring gametype?
  2. Maniac is not getting dropped off of OpTic, he actually played REALLY well at regionals, aka LANiac :ghost:
  3. It's not like you need to live at the House to get the juice. Naded could visit on the occasion, look how much growth assault's YT channel got once he lived there for just a couple weeks by being included in the videos of other members.
  4. Wish I could have watched What I feel really separates Halo fan bases from other games is that fans show interest in competition regardless of the teams playing... hell when OpTic plays one of their CWL matches they double the viewer count for that match alone. People seem to align there allegiance with the game itself and not teams and players
  5. There was NOT mediocre competition... go look at some of the names from 06 and 07
  6. I agree. The most annoying part from my experience with radar is how many situations you get into that you can't finish what should be an easy kill because your opponent just radar hugs around a pillar. It removes anticipation skills and slow the game down. I also hate how you can't make sneaky lower map flanks... it makes it a lot easier for a team to focus their concentration on specific map areas and need not worry about a flank. I still think players would maintain their skill levels, it would just make the game much more enjoyable. Camping doors with autos would also hopefully have a reduction in effectiveness
  7. Did you only read the first part of his post? The CE pistol was dominant at any range, the H5 pistol has a large aim assist drop off
  8. :\, wish they were more explicit about it
  9. So does anyone know if the 343 skins were exclusive to the Spartan's Armory pack?
  10. He has never hinted at retiring nor do I seem him doing it after he is walking away with at least 125k
  11. Final Boss Hoodie: IN STOCK http://store.majorleaguegaming.com/products/final-boss-nike-logo-hoodie
  12. The closed servers should be better than LAN, simply due to the fact that there is not a host console. Everyone should be neutrally connected to the server.
  13. H3cz Called them Alliance @lxthul what have you done to this man
  14. The only Halo game where sniping was relatively difficult was Halo 3. H2 = Easy, H2A = Easy, Reach = Easy, H4 = Easy, CE = Average
  15. I just don't think a larger portion of vets have invested the time into getting skilled with the intricacies of the game. It's really easy to tell the difference between someone who has mastered movements on maps vs those who haven't. It's not traditional halo where you only really need to learn a few jumps and "GB Nade" locations and you're set. Halo 5 revolves around mastering the spartan abilities and using whatever is at your disposal to its maximum capacity. It's not like it's H2A where half of the pros have already played a previous iteration.
  16. Just got banned for half an hour because my teammate quit one kill in a doubles match and I didn't feel like getting pounded for 30 minutes ZZzzzzz
  17. A lot of assumptions are they'll announce something at regionals

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