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  1. I love it when they change the normal arena playlist out of nowhere to a test [email protected] THX BRAV N QUINN But on a more serious note... why not just have two desperate playlists, and have the test playlist give bonus REQ/XP or some shit to give more of an incentive to play it. I am not sure what is going through 343's head when they make these decisions
  2. Not about a different team, just weird seedings and brackets have the opportunity to screw you over
  3. I really think the Qualification bracket was poorly designed. How does it make sense that you play the same team 2/3 times when you're qualifying for 1/4 spots? And in relation to Snipedown's tweet, apparently he forgot when they lost to RNG at worlds and suffered in a similar manner due to seeding and bracket placement
  4. CLG picked up a new sponsor after OpTic picked up Brisk Mate http://oddshot.tv/shot/lxthul-20160506232355329
  5. It's not like it would be a time consuming video to make either.
  6. OpTic house pool confirmed? I heard that's why Frosty turned down Maniac's offer... rumor has it hitch is looking to throw some poolside bangers
  7. Years? Maniac only joined Optic Gaming in March of last year and Ace joined liquid in August... so Maniac FS and Ace were only on the same team for 5 months at most...
  8. Can we play some 07 runescape? im cutting yews in w63 varrock castle right now and could use some company
  9. Smh, did you have the cummie warzone team or were you with deadbeat subs. There is a difference between a cummie and a lxthul sub
  10. Scores if they dropped you and picked up Zyos 50-0 100-0 100-0 3-0 50-0
  11. Lxthul doesn't react to anything though, he is an AI programmed to be a troll and an average Halo player
  12. Hey, it's been like that his whole halo career I do love naded though, sorry about that comment.

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