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  1. Good news, an optimal spectator mode be something like CoD where the spectator is another person in the lobby
  2. "My team understood but we're still friends" Good video though, think you could have made the "intro" part a little shorter though
  3. There are a few speedrunners (proacejoker) and other personalities that are kind of popular I wish forgers etc would stream too but, who knows. Halo die hards tend to be more competitive
  4. Hell, the Sudds outshine pretty much every pro when it comes to making content, regardless if they often just clip out twitch content. https://www.youtube.com/user/SuddothMediaHD OGRE 2 gets 1k+ every time he streams and still hardly does
  5. Pretty sure you can't pull IPs/there is a dedicated server so being host booted doesn't make sense
  6. I was lagging every game I was playing earlier and I usually have a crispy connection. I don't know why these servers are so bipolar
  7. http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xboxone/halo-5-guardians/team/team1 Elamite, t2, nerdy, tragic
  8. MLG was 100% not ready to deal with the shitstorm that was brewing today
  9. Ninja - "If Randa didn't spend so much time playing money 8s maybe he would have a 4th" So arrogant
  10. I played against him in an FFA before and wasn't really that impressed either... but then again it was an FFA and when he plays with a smart team it could change everything. He was an H3 lord so
  11. If they had sufficient practice they would not. The only issue is they would play 1st seed in a (what is currently) a single elimination
  12. They would have 3 events: The Final Qualifier Regionals And then the Global Championship. Even if they make it to the championship and get 1st rounded they still each walk away with around 5k. 5-8th 15k each. 3rd/4th 45k each. 2nd 125k each. 1st... 250k each

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