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  1. Naded with the superhero landing ground pound and then a kill with the barrels at the end.
  2. Seriously, I understand the casters have a lot on their plate, but missing caps happens all the damn time. It's frustrating. Edit: and they missed the 2nd cap too, didn't even mention it until 30 seconds or so after the fact.
  3. Jimbo's about to hop the pond and carry Optic to the promised land.
  4. Good stuff from Cratos. His passion for the game is really awesome to see. That story about him facetiming Lifestyle after the win versus Renegades and crying was great. That's real love for the game and for the competition. Excited to see how he does moving forward with a new team. But it's really disappointing how ALG just kind of fell apart after Regionals. If they kept grinding they could have made some noise. Not meant to be, I suppose.
  5. Didn't Naded mention only Optic and Ogre 2 had approached him about teaming? If Contra and Devon are done with Denial, could we see Ogre 2-Naded-Huke-Bubu?
  6. Disappointed to hear that Naded created a bad situation for himself. This is business. I hope he bounces back from it. Thanks to Allegiance for laying it all out. On TB, no less.
  7. and let's all be honest with ourselves, whether with our friends or privately, we've all said some fucked up things about other people. Cratos' remarks just happen to be public knowledge. The man isn't a criminal.
  8. They grinded like crazy for the qualifiers and to put themselves in a good position for seeding heading into Regionals and Worlds. I think maybe some of the guys just burned out after that; Cratos wanted to win, maybe some of the other guys were content with what was sure to be a significant payday heading into worlds. Watching them scrim against CLG and essentially give up in the latter half of games was disheartening as an ALG fan.
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