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  1. Finally have some time to play and practice on a consistent basis. Can travel for events - looking for a team with a consistent practice schedule / dedicated to improvement as a team GT: Nelon Felon
  2. I need to stop posting here. But this game is such a field day. It's really sad. Fuck.
  3. so people are voting for what they want you're voting for what you want you are losing to the majority vote I don't understand why you're so mad
  4. When do we all wake up and realize this was just a bad dream
  5. Also I'm new to the Xbone. Are party chats really this bad now?
  6. Twitch chat is love, twitch chat is life life isn't to be taken seriously
  7. Gears is a great game Edit: Gears is apparently a bad game MOD EDIT stop that
  8. Click Clack An ancient evil has awoken Droid smells
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