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  1. I also feel that the biggest issue with these new and old spartan abilities is how often your weapon is taken away just to perform them. I believe that you should be able to use your weapon at all times including while using the Clamber ability and that aspect alone would separate Halo 5 from all other games with similar mechanics like CoD and Crysis. Halo 5 has potential but the abilities need to be more offensive in nature and based more around smooth quick movement while having your weapon at the ready at all times.
  2. Have to say there is no way I will be purchasing this, its very depressing to see this series ruined so badly.
  3. I would like to hear some thoughts on the game as well, really conflicted on whether or not I should buy it.
  4. Looks like we will have the tools and objects needed to create these style of designs after all in H2A, pretty excited to start forging again with this new engine. Have you already purchased a Xbox One Goat? I will be online later if you want to forge some, I need a break from the hellish grind of Destiny.
  5. Those weapon sets are just a default custom game option while matchmaking is SMG and BR starts depending on the game type that is voted on I believe. From my understanding all Halo games have even starts and there will be no load outs in matchmaking in the collection and Halo 5 but no one knows what Halo 5's starting weapons will be. Even starts is the way to go for Halo and both of the starting weapons should be very capable of performing different roles that make them unique amongst the sandbox.
  6. I am sure you can scope in very similar to H3 ODST, Matt just didn't seem to know how it functioned or that it cannot scope in while dual wielded.
  7. Halo 2C is looking really good and I am also liking how clean it looks graphically.
  8. So I ran through the nightfall with the gf tonight, got Light Beyond Nemesis exotic warlock helm, however I am a Hunter and my gf is a Warlock who wants that exact helm. What in the actual fuck is wrong with this game?
  9. Anyone know if Bungie plans to fix this Exotic Engram random class garbage in this update for loot?
  10. Explains pretty perfectly how I feel, got 5 legendary engrams to drop yesterday and 4 of them turned into Titan class gear and I am a Hunter so what the hell. The fact that this game has so many issues and bugs that should of been fixed a year ago in development is alarming, I have no clue what Bungie was doing with all that development time honestly.
  11. For my gf he is selling a Titan helmet, Hunter chestpiece, and Warlock gauntlets as far as armor goes, is it any different for anyone else?
  12. If you mean receiving a error code such as bee, centipede, lion, or fly then yes atleast once every 2 hours and sometimes more often. I have read it is a server issue that plagues Destiny and has ruined a good portion of experiences so far, but the game itself is plague with bugs of all different types. I just do not think Destiny was ready at all to be released.
  13. I expected him to be around till tonight atleast and I was almost done gathering strange coins for the Hunter helmet only to find out he's already gone :/. My gf wanted the Warlock gauntlets as well, I just hope farming for Exotics will open up soon since the merchant is not around very often.
  14. Thanks for the info been trying to collect all these codes but more keep popping up it seems.
  15. Performance meter and no budget but instead a object count is a very good improvement and will really help further designing. All of the changes are welcome and its nice to see they do have interest in listening to feedback and improving upon Forge. It is looking very good so far and there is still a bit longer until launch so I expect we will see other features improved and added as well.
  16. Its a nice effect honestly, makes it feel much more like a incredibly powerful and fast moving projectile.
  17. Let me know when you would like to test it, I would not mind helping.
  18. Most likely start up a co-op H2A Campaign and check out the new visuals while I work on getting a feel for H2 again.
  19. Definitely would love a H2 BTB playlist, as the cross game playlists just are not what I am interested in considering the nightmare that is Halo 4 will be in them.
  20. Reach beta Plasma Launcher is a much better weapon as the Spartan Lasers quality has decreased with each game.
  21. Definitely a needed improvement as it was always quite weak in H2 and needed to be able to stand on its own legs within in the sandbox. Every weapon should be powerful and needed to fill certain roles within the game so this is a step in the right direction I just hope they have done this for other weapons as well.
  22. I would like to see it buffed and made very useful again, I used to always pick it up in H2-H3 and loved it because it was a single shot rifle that took a bit of skill to use effectively. The weapon has never really had a chance to fill its own unique role in the sandbox and that is disappointing as it is meant to be a lethal and poisonous weapon but it has never really felt that way when compared to other rifles. What would you change about the Carbine Hard Way to make it fit a role better and be more unique?
  23. I would rather not see Sprint period it does not belong in any playlist not even 8vs8 as its problems do not magically go away just because its BTB, not everyone who plays BTB is a casual player. If Sprint is shown to be in the game then this will end up being a rental solely for the Campaign for me but so far there has been no real evidence of Sprint actually being in the game besides the maps looking a little large.
  24. It would be nice to see more than 6 maps get the H2A treatment as the new engine looks like it could end up being a lot of fun and extra play spaces are never a bad thing.
  25. Definitely feel the lightning needs to be toned down especially on Sanctuary as its just to dark in several areas as well as to bright when looking toward the sun side of the map and that effects gameplay. The sun should never be blinding or effect gameplay as its only meant to be a aesthetic quality of the map and nothing more, and the shadows on Sanctuary ruin its beauty and the best part of the map which is the middle is hardly visible which needs to be changed. I also feel that Sanctuary needs more color around the bases, something like red and blue lines of energy flowing through the structures would work well.
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