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  1. The dude has giving me problems since i first talked to him. I make a joke and he gives me a sour attitude so I responded the same way. Then guy decides to mock me. Lol sorry for defending myself. I'll let this forum continue to think I'm an ass I guess.
  2. Well apparently if you make a joke, you're the bad guy.
  3. Fair enough, but you still went out of the way to be a dick. My conversation was clearly directed at him while his post was open to anyone.
  4. E.Honda finally done with Street Fighting and finally stepping into the cage?!
  5. Not educating, just letting him know that I was joking. Don't gotta be a sarcastic dick about it. Especially when you're not even a part of the conversation.
  6. Mocking me. But when I said that is was because buddy seemed to have a hard time comprehending what I was saying. Kinda like how he has hard time understanding H4 humour
  7. ssj

    OT of GD

    Instinct > H3 FB Although FB did well in their last year Instinct was still more consistent through all of H3.
  8. Seems you lack a sense of humour And according to the plus rep, the forums lacks it a bit as well
  9. Halo 4 > Halo 3? Soooo ass backwards
  10. Why are you still playing H4? Are you a masochist?
  11. Weidman's legit. I think Machida is still better, but that strategy at the beginning was smart.
  12. ssj

    OT of GD

    Is RTX this weekend?
  13. ssj

    OT of GD

    "Capture and** the enemy flag"?
  14. ssj

    OT of GD

    Yeah I found Daigo. He's not seeded eh? Guys who cause upsets, I gotcha. Yeah that's why I figured I'd start out with Ryu. Probably less conplicated to learn. It'll be less of learning curve if I learn Ryu then E.Ryu than E.Honda to E.Ryu lol Did they take out Ryu's ex focus cancel?
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