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  1. Halo 3 was my least favorite competitive Halo game, however I could watch it far longer than any Halo title past it, it's a much more spectator friendly game than Halo 5. The advanced movement mechanics make Halo 5 exhausting to watch. This argument is irrelevant.
  2. This might be why viewership sucks, when the odds of being on break is higher than there being game play when you tune in I feel like you're not going to retain viewership.
  3. Never seen a tournament organizer just let a team owner run onstage in the middle of a series like that.
  4. How is it day three and they're still fucking up the overlays and also you know there's more people in the crowd right why is every single crowd shot a tight shot of BlackBeardAP aka "iGivNoFks."
  5. My Battle7oken is worth $0.35 Lindacoin which is worth $0.27 LindaX which is worth $0.023 Sparkletoken.
  6. That's not your bad man, I also loved that sweatshirt day one, I think it was just everyone had a different definition of casual, I liked the look you and Onset had more than the blazer plus t-shirt combo a-la the old school SC2 days. I'm sure a lot of my "gripes" too are things the average viewer might not even notice, but it's just little things that I think subtly can take away from a broadcast. Overall though the matches have been great so that's what speaks loudest of all.

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