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  1. Dyno ZF MM, Customs, anything competitive EST, NA I enjoy friends
  2. How can we be put on the Streams page of the site? I have a stream for Halo and was curious.
  3. Hi, im a new streamer and long time competitive player always playing hard. I wanted to introduce myself to everyone, keeping it short and sweet. I love Halo and all games competitive. Ive recently started streaming you can check that out here: Twitch.tv/dynnoh i have been playing competitive since Halo 2 and all CoDs with some League of Legends in the later time recently. On the release of Halo 5 i will be pushing the seasons and streaming as much as i can and i walways love company i am here to entertain and compete so stop on by the stream or hit me up on xbox i always love having more friends and need some since ive been away from Halo for awhile. Xbox: Dyno ZF

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