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  1. Nice i haven't gotten much from there, Icedrake Shyvana i think is the only skin i've picked up but i haven't been playing much recently.
  2. Yeah pretty harsh community but what i've noticed that's gotten be better at this game is focusing on myself. The more i focus on myself the better i get and the better i can carry people.
  3. Still playing League, currently still Diamond 4.
  4. I will always be a TSM fan, they are the people that got me into League and they're one of the very few pros that would stream on Own3d.tv back in the day. When i started playing their roster consisted of Top: The Rain Man Mid: Reginald Jungle: TheOddOne ADC: Chaox Support: Xpecial This is the TSM i know and love but i will always root for them no matter what. They helped me out so much with their streams it's not even funny. The chill vibes they gave off too back in the day helped make it really enjoyable.
  5. nope, it is weird though playing against like pros sometimes. I played against Doublelift the other night.
  6. That Diamond player has a very very very bad MMR. That's how.
  7. The Halo drama that's happened over the past week has made for some good entertainment.
  8. Trolls will be everywhere, always.
  9. Nice, i've started playing vlad again and i seemed to always forget how annoying he can be lol.
  10. That TP by Kevin was one of the dumbest ports i've ever seen.
  11. His furry pink boots and his dazzling stun make him an outrageous champion.
  12. Taric is a very strong pick against all AD comps, people just don't give him a chance. :^(
  13. I just hit Diamond IV...need to find motivation -_-
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if this happened at all. Liquid has been playing in very incompetent this entire split but i'm pretty sure it's not all on Piglet. Their laner's just seem to be losing lane for the most part and some lackluster performances from IWD.
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