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  1. Might be a poor or corny analogy, but when for instance Coke tries a new flavor. Do they remove OG Coke from the shelves? Or do they just market Vanilla Coke as an addition to the brand & distribute together? This is what I'm proposing, if people don't want Vanilla Coke they won't buy, if people don't want to play new settings they won't go to that playlist.
  2. I've seen a lot of people give their feedback on the new HCS settings so I want to share mine. The only reason I get on this game anymore is to play the HCS playlist - which I actually enjoyed before this new settings test. The biggest issues for this game are heavy aim and the servers (could be same problem idk). Sure new maps would be great, but it would be nice to just get some consistent hit registration and aiming. I keep seeing Josh reference on twitter that the population hasn't changed in the HCS playlist since he implemented these new changes. I don't think that is a fair way for him to look at it, as I'm sure these are just the regular HCS players that usually play get on. Once these players get on for there maybe 1-3 nights a week they will notice how a game with so many issues, has become even more frustrating. Personally my group of friends try to play as a to4 on Friday nights, we have already all decided that we are going to play fortnite this Friday if those settings are still in because its simply just not enjoyable. I think that if 343 believes the population is unchanged with these new settings - they should make this test an independent playlist. The old HCS should go back in and then they can really get a good gauge at if this test was beneficial for the game. I have a few problems with the BR and new magnum. As I referenced above heavy aiming has always been an issue for me in this game. These new load outs have created even more problems for me because the new magnum and br make me feel like I'm playing with 2 different sensitivities. Does anyone else feel like this? To offer just a line of solution, just make 2 playlist. OG HCS Playlist & New Settings. This allows 343 to get their test data from players who they claim enjoy this, and then allows the group of us who only got on for OG HCS playlist to still have a reason to play this game.
  3. Str8 should make a play for Spartan, if I recall wasn't he almost on the team at once?
  4. I see Liquid staying together, they've shown a lot of potential for only being a team a short time. Envy although they made a great LB run, I can see either Huke jumping ship or Eric suggesting a team change. I thought Mikwen played great, so I don't think he deserves all of the negative comments he receives. Envy should stay together in my opinion.
  5. While I can agree that Mikwen's attitude online is/has been poor I think if we just look at the tournaments he has done everything you could ask for in a teammate. I did not get impression at the Lan's that he had a bad attitude and every listen in i've heard he is calling out teammates and sounds positive. To me nV is suffering because of their playstyle, they are too slow against a team like Liquid.
  6. I really think the smart move would be to (as crazy as this sounds) drop snipedown for more of an obj or different style player. I think Huke/Mikwen slay power can carry the team and Ola's style of play is just one you can't get rid of. Eric comes from teams where he was always the main slayer and is use to cleaning up kills always getting power weapons. I think if nV was Huke/Mikwen/Ola/Bubu or someone like that they would be much better.
  7. To seriously challenge nV & OG I think a team has to not only have Bubu but also have Naded. Although I'm not a huge fan of him he makes incredible plays & often is a hard kill. I also think that he does a fair amount of OBJ work. I'm not sure the personalities would work but I'd like to see the following: Bubu Naded Eco Spartan/Ace/Stellur That last Main Slayer part is the tough one. I would probably go with Spartan at this point, although I could see arguments for the other 2. I just think he is most consistent.
  8. The only hypocrisy i'm reading is you arguing with someone about making negative comments about you/your team and then you're doing the same thing.
  9. I don't really see the bank account trash talk as a big deal, its the same thing as saying you win all the time or can't beat me. Snip3down gloated about the gold medal and beating OG but said he was above the petty sh*t because there was reference to bank account (from coming 1st place at worlds). I find that different then someone gloating about personal money, not money won from a tournament. I would assume that snakebite didn't mean check out my 250,000 house while you live at an apt and are struggling financially. More like we came in 1st and you didn't even make it. I also find it interesting in watching the rebroadcast that snip3down says all of these things about Optic/SB/Frosty and then when snakebite joins the chat and asks whats going on Eric reads the comments and responds to everything but Snakebite asking what is going on. For someone who just ranted for 20 mins about being petty and this and that you would think he would address it and back what he said. I see all of this as normal trash talk and not offensive, can't even believe its being seen as such
  10. Just heard on Hecz's vlog this AM that Lxthul is going to Vegas - not to play but to hang out. He also said there are a couple reasons why Optic isn't going but didn't go into detail. Although I wish Optic was going it's there choice on whether they should or not. We also have to remember that Optic (CLG) is the longest standing pro team in h5, they've been to more LAN's/had more online practice then all of the other current teams. So it's probably not as critical they do events like these. But as always it would be more entertaining to see them face off against all the teams going.
  11. There are many changes that should take priority to this, but does anyone else wish they would add some new armor/helmets or emblems? The only new options that have come in months is team skins (and we haven't even gotten all of them). It's a minor thing but I think it would at least add some sort of excitement to the game. Doesn't matter it if servers are laggy or it takes over 5 mins to find a game.
  12. Although I don't necessarily agree with what he said, that is the purpose of a forum. To state your opinions and thoughts, educated or uneducated.
  13. Thats because you haven't gone through the highs and lows yet
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