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  1. It's like they know what they are talking about or know what they are doing...... if that means googling images.
  2. if that fucking means the PC port will be flawless, I will take that hit. Everyday.
  3. I can (only) really hope that this port is everything PC fans deserve, it's been a long time since a proper Halo has touched PC.
  4. And that is somehow... 343i's fault ? Could they (probably) add more cities for more weekends ? Sure they can but I don't think that would be cost effective in any way, shape or form. Again, the people doing this type of event is ENTIRELY separate from the people doing the actual development of Halo : Infinite or even the people ' running HCS '. For those people who are willing to/able to attend, I am willing to bet that it will be a fun event and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. For those who can't make it or not willing to make it(for whatever reason), well... buckle up and wait until the next event. Not every single event that is done by 343i or Microsoft in regards to Halo has to be a competitive event. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Why is everyone rather upset at that announcement ? I get that this is an ' e-sports' forum and such but Halo isn't JUST e-sports, there are tons of other people( read : casuals ) that just like it for the experience/lore/characters. Events like this one provide a different kind of experience towards that crowd, it just seems absurd that we are expecting 343i to just do tournaments and JUST only tournaments. ffs.
  6. last night, my wife comes to me and says ' Hey you want to go to Chicago in August ? ', I ask ' Why ? ', she shows me the Halo Outpost announcement.... well, now are are going to Chicago in August indeed. What I'm saying is that, yes, I would like to do that
  7. This is what happens when there are no events happening.
  8. Other than Broly fucking everything up, not sure what else can you expect.
  9. Ahhhh, I've missed these arguments of 'classic' Halo vs ' current ' Halo. Always entertaining. That being said, I like my Halo simple.
  10. Taking couple hours off from my vacation here in the Caribbean to watch this, it can't be missed. Never did I ever think that 12 years later after Halo 3 was released, we would be talking about it THIS MUCH and to be as relevant as it is about to become.
  11. BTW, crazy good job casting on the Titans show( just saw the Premiere last night) ! Show was
  12. So...new forum .... new memes ? Edit : This looks and feels slick af.
  13. I hope he does really mean it now, focus on his professional career as the rewards will be bigger and better.
  14. I dont think I can handle Ola/Snipedown/Roy/Lunchbox.... I just cant.
  15. Agree with this 100%. No fucking way, he was nowhere as talented as Enable (who was part of the team who dethroned that god-squad in Halo Reach in that Game 11)
  16. Like Lemon said, when people are arguing about something it's probably because its becoming relevant enough to be argued about. H3 might not be my favorite Halo BUT I will take it 100% of the time over any games after it.
  17. Leading/Projectile bullets are fine, but if the BR spread can be fixed/tightened.... it definitely should. Like I mentioned before, if people are going to pick the lesser of two evils, Halo 3 is going to win everyday and it's not even close.
  18. This makes me awfully sad because we had the opportunity to have all of this years ago after MCC launched and I would be confident that MCC would be a a great game right now. Instead now we know that Cortana is bad and wants to do bad things..... and MCC crashed and burned.
  19. If we are going to pick the lesser of two evils, I'mma pick Halo 3 everyday .... no questions asked.

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