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  1. After seeing today's #4.... I'm even more concerned this will become a reality.
  2. Not gonna lie, if 2gre does not land in Top 1( like you know...the GOAT that he is), I legit think the HCS twitter is gonna get burned to the ground....
  3. Microsoft Employees do have a ' flight/test ' this weekend.
  4. So...almost 5 years into some sort of Halo Infinite development and they decide that 4 months ahead of schedule, delay it to TBD 2021. What a joke. That being said...I guess it is the correct choice PENDING THE GAME ACTUALLY TURNS OUT TO BE GOOD, else...lul
  5. I legit thought the discussion of Infinite was going to revolve about the grappling hook and all that shit we saw....but then those graphics came in and stole the thunder. Don't legitimately know how to feel about the game 4/5 months ahead of release, especially when the gameplay in MP might be questionable at best and the graphics...welll.... Someone just post w.e Craig meme 343 wants.
  6. Only good thing coming out of that season was Spare Rations, nothing else
  7. i would just wait, the ' raids' that came with Black Armory and Season of Opulence aren't really ' great'. Just wait until Shadowkeep. Also, PCMR now that cross-save is here.
  8. It's like they know what they are talking about or know what they are doing...... if that means googling images.
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