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  1. Idk if this is the right place for it but if you guys want to follow 3sUP, I mean, we tweet out random stuff all day but also I have been uploading vlogs of each day as best I can.
  2. Just thought people would like insight into how the games were going at the time. I didn't mean any offense by it; he was doing well that game so I just clipped the running riot for 'real time insight' I guess. I really do hope people know me well enough by now to know I don't ever have ill intentions. Edit: I removed the link.
  3. I'm terrified https://clips.twitch.tv/ninja/DarkCarabeefOpieOP
  4. CLG is up 3-0 in their scrims vs Liquid. Edit: Removed Link - Wasn't trying to piss anyone off. They were up 4-0 last I checked
  5. Trying to post an image and failing; oh well. http://imgur.com/L2wzm58 The dream is dead boys.
  6. I'm unsure if Mudvayne/JR2/Kenny are going to pick up a 4th to compete in the LCQ. I doubt it though.
  7. Truly didn't expect OverDrive on that list; made me lol IRL at work.
  8. I like preserving the integrity and heritage of the sport. MudVayne worked his ass off on that team and I want to keep it alive in his spirits.
  9. Not quite but you're really warm. I'm waiting on our team's graphics to come through to announce it
  10. Domey was the only one at Regionals for his team. Levy was the only one at Regionals for his team too.
  11. Someone edited the DOC. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fxpZzuS-G8OqjmNfTxURCAIOCBtmPkQ-JPdlPWm0j2M/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=0 Vetoed / GC Yoshi / Trunks NJ / FaZe IKampy (Screenshot of a Custom Game) Not confirmed but speculation.
  12. I hope I'm wrong but to my knowledge there are 18 teams submitted. I am now wondering who won't make the cut.
  13. I made changes with Red, Orange, and Green. RNG - Ninja, Victory, Commonly, Penguin NV - Ola, Mikwen, eL Town, Rayne Optic - Naded, Ace, Maniac, Str8 sick E6 - Cratos, Bubu, Huke, Shooter 2gre's Minions - 2gre, Arkanum, Nemassit, Seduce Liquid - APG, Eco, Spartan, StelluR ALG - Devon, Contra, Goofy, RyaNoob Crowd Control - Nerdy, Tragic, Scaryotic, LeVy SoaR - WinntuR, Cpt Anarchy, Sqaullaye, Swish Soul Blue - (TBA) Soul Red - Gabriel, Munoz, King Nick, Juicyfruit OverDrive - Vetoed, Kephrii - There is no team OverDrive. Vetoed & I are not teaming together. Sorry Batchford. Nick likes to create group chats randomly just for trolling purposes. Vetoed - Unsure if he has a team. He expressed he wanted to focus on content & not competing though. Monstcr - He expressed no desire to compete. I am highly confident he has no team. Kephrii's Team - 2 Pro Players & 1 AM - Team name is undecided; Vetoed is keeping the OverDrive name/logo Randa's Team - (Unknown) Based on Scrims & Randa's word of mouth: Heinz/Randa/Hysteria/Aries Lifestyles Team - Chaser, Domey, Lifestyle (Lifestyle's stream indicates Blakers Prototype and Chaser) Domey's Team - He has a full team not consisting of Lifestyle or Chaser. For those wondering... I can confirm T2 found his way onto a team. I am not sure if JJX did. I can't spill all the beans. Sorry
  14. I thought we established Miken Rayne Ola & Penguin already?
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