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  1. Everyone that I’ve ever talked to that’s ever played Halo prefers Halo with no sprint. This includes die-hards like us and your casual who plays a few hundred games throughout the games lifespan. The people who 343 have catered to throughout H4 and H5 are the diehard casual...the ones who are still playing the game today. I don’t know any of these people. And guess what, the game is dead. No one cares about needing to be able to sprint because “I’m a super soldier”. It’s such a poor excuse. Gaming is bigger than ever, especially in the competitive and streaming scene. People just want to watch a fun, competitive, fast paced game. Sprint is not needed for that to happen. What can “resolve” some of these differences between the two communities is quite simple which has been discussed before. Map pick ups. It makes everything so much more balanced if it’s on a simple timer that can only be picked up by a few players per match. Again...everyone that I’ve ever talked to that’s played a little bit of Halo to a lot of Halo has despised it. Please for the love of god can it not be in this upcoming game. I’m simply waiting at this point waiting for some information to see if I’m done with this franchise for good.
  2. Anyone play on PS4? I've been playing solo mostly for my OW career and I was able to get up to 2986. If anyone is looking to join up, add me at PulseOftheMaggot.
  3. Why did Championship Sunday go so late (12:30 AM EST if I recall correctly). I remember back during the MLG days it was over by ~6PM EST. Excuse my ignorance, this is the first Halo event I've followed since the X Games.
  4. Who were the 6 that "left"? I haven't been following Halo at all lately.
  5. Have played only a handful of games of Halo since Overwatch came out. Is there anything new going on? I played the Classic Playlist the other day for the anniversary which was pretty fun but would have been better w/ no H5 abilities. Anything new in H5 or the Halo world or should I just stick w/ OW.
  6. I just got kicked from a game for being idle too long...in a ranked match. Wtf. (Reason I was idle is because it was 4 on 1 and I figured I'd watch the hockey game while I waited for it to finish).
  7. 5-14 today and I went negative almost every game. Yay me
  8. Pretty self explanatory. Not even going to elaborate.
  9. Holy fuck if you're going to place me diamond 3, please stop matching me up against Onyx 1700+
  10. Agreed, this is key. I wasn't a fan of them at all initially (mainly because I didn't know who they were as much as I'm now just getting back in the scene). But after seeing how much Lethul has been involved with this community I've gained a serious amount of respect for him. It's been one of the main complaints for years; how the pros are never involved, and it's great to see. Hopefully more follow suit.
  11. Oh, I have no idea. They'll probably end up releasing it for free eventually for everyone. Especially if there's a mess up on their end.
  12. XLEi wasn't working for me either even after turning my xbox off. Downloaded twitch and it's working there.
  13. All I have to do is watch the finals at 7 on this XLEi app on X1 and there's an armor set we get? Sorry, have barely watched anything this weekend and this is what I've gathered from reading..I think.
  14. I agree that I think this will be the one of the best Halo games by the time its life cycle is over. I do however, believe we'll see the same negatives that plagued H5 though in H6. You're seeing it with a lot of games these days. The developers rush out the product asap, and then slowly release updates finishing the game. It allows the developer to quickly start the next project and continue to make money at a faster pace.
  15. I matched up against a team and they were slaughtering us (obviously) so I quit out (again, social slayer) and was banned. Don't even remember the last time I quit. Why 343, why?
  16. Yeah, I'm not hardcore into Halo eSports. I used to watch a lot back in the Halo 3 days but I'm just getting back into it. ...I have no valid excuse lol. I knew there was something upcoming but I never bothered to check the date of the event for some reason.
  17. Damn I had no idea there even was an event this weekend </3. Is there a rebroadcast somewhere?
  18. Bought it last night for my PS4. Wasn't really wanting to spend the $20 on it but it is a ton of fun and has a decent amount of customizable options. It's fun to just relax in and mess around. Highly reccomend if you have someone to play with. Not sure how fun it would be playing solo.
  19. I like this idea. Would it be possible to get the Pistol to be a 4 shot scoped in and 5 while not. Or 3 shot scoped in and 4 while not. Slowed down ROF like the Light Rifle. Doubtful for this game because of the drastic change but I think it would be interesting for H6.
  20. Back when I first started watching back during H3, StrongSide was my favorite. Then he left FB and started up Status Quo and never really placed very high so I kind of following more FB and always had a lot of respect for Ogre 2. Watched a bit during Reach and continued to support Ogre 2 and Pistola. Stopped watching during H4 and only just came back for the X Games. Saw Ogre 2 was dropped and kept up with the scene a little bit and saw that Snip3down has always been super supportive of the franchise even during its darkest days. Was never really a huge fan of his until he showed how dedicated he was to Halo. Now, he's one of my favorites. Couldn't pick just one as I'm not that hardcore dedicated to the competitive scene. My favorites would be Pistola, Ogre 2 and Snipedown.
  21. How many body shots does it take to kill with the pistol? I feel like if it killed with one less shot it'd be better. With the aiming, getting a headshot is sometimes more difficult then it needs to be. I also feel like I'll hit the head and they won't die and then because of the aiming and thrusting, now I'm either missing or hitting the body again.
  22. Jesus, the splinter nade is so inconsistent. I can throw it right at a guy and my hit markers will go crazy. Then I get hit on my pinky toe and I'm disintegrating.

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