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  1. no one is looking for scrims? every time i send a message to people saying they looking I get no reply..
  2. My team is looking for scrims. Message I Zeonic I, Zackizle, or Thumbstickys. We're wanting to get some serious scrims in. Sets of 5 or 7 preferred. We're a new team and want to get some practice in Best of series. I'm not sure where to post this so feel free to move it.
  3. Looking for a solid slayer for a 2v2 PGL tournament tonight. My 2nd wont make it so I need someone. Send me a message on here or xbl GT: Zackizle or respond to this post. Starts in 50 min. so need to get you on the roster
  4. Looking for a group of players in the Central Arkansas Area To put together a LAN for practice. Also trying to organize a team for HCS and the several other Ladders/Tournaments around. As of now I have a team of 2. We want to try to find some Local talent before we go to the online option, for practical purposes. Hit either me up or my other guy if you're interested in wanting to get the ball rolling GT: Zackizle GT: Czechmate dC I'd also like to host a few local tournaments and get some good Lans going. So any and all are welcome.

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